spring color and bag brainstorm?

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  1. oooh i feel so ashamed, :sweatdrop::faint: but i'm already thinking of saving for a green apple or berry blue/blue hawaiian something for spring/summer!

    would anyone have a suggestion as to a pretty deep, roomy (ok, big! i have a shopper, GW, and SS...all large) bag with at least one secure exterior pocket (no drawstrings or open like SS). i love the colors and the roominess of the ones i have, but from using my GW the most so far, i really like having a zip (or turnlock) pocket for quick access to my keys and cell phone.....

    though, i really prefer no contrast trim or black trim, to brown...arrghhh...most of the bags seem to have brown! i saw something in berry blue with black trim but i forgot what it was--i think i dismissed the idea because it seemed like a small-ish bag :T

    maybe Moving On Up (seen in ebay...i think it's pretty big?) or Minilisa if it comes out in berry blue like on the tano site? Ahhhh :drool:
  2. oooh there's sweet as pie! but then the drop of the straps seems short and i don't know if it'd fit comfortably...and i don't know if i'm too keen on the shape of it..
  3. I think you would totally rock the minilisa!
  4. i was deciding between Minilisa and GW before i got the GW! the Minilisa looks big but i keep comparing bag sizes by multiplying the length, height, and depth to get an idea, but the Minilisa got a low score :sad: but it looks roomy on everyone's pics i've seen here!

    i might sacrifice a bit of size for a spring color , hehe...argh , i dont know!!
  5. What about the green apple Six Degrees?

    (Photo credit MHB)

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  6. How big do you need it to be? I can fit oodles of stuff in my minilisas!
  7. ooowwooww that one looks gorgeous, voodoo! definitely good to satiate my craving for croissant pockets..oopps ..exterior pockets.. ahah....durrr :upsidedown:......i gave it some time and i'm feeling guilty about not giving enough attention to what i already have vs tano spree i seem to be on.... >_< i love the bags i've bought so far! i have this weird complex like if i buy a berry blue tano, my blueberry GW will feel left out--weird how i anthropomorphize these bags ( i used to do this with stuffed toys as a kid by rotating them :weird:smile: but i'm tempted by something bright blue and bright green.....

    tygerkitty: the minilisa looks larger than i'd thought it be...compared to retailer sites vs modeling photos on tpf likeyours... and that's what attracted me! would you say it might fit more than the GW? if i go for a bag, i want a color that i don't have :P but i wish i could find it in berry blue? :P
  8. ^^ No the minilisa doesn't fit more than the GW... it is wider but definitely shorter and whereas you can put folders and tall things in the GW, you cannot in the minilisa. You can put paperback novels and what not in them along with normal purse things though.

    I love the six degrees that voodoo posted as well but it will have brown trim in the blue and in the green...which is why I didn't recommend it. I totally love it in caramel though!
  9. I also love exterior pockets as well!! Too bad TANO isn't bringing back the Streetwalker. That bag would have been perfect for you and it would have loked amazing in the BB/BH.

    Sorry I don't have any suggestions! I would suggest the GW but since you already have one, that's not going to work LOL!
  10. yeah i'm with you on the brown, tygerkitty :P in the main body of my GW, i carry a chicklit, maybe two makeup bags-- one with makeup the other with necessities like advil, dental floss (for those spinach lunches, heeh), each about the size of chicklit but a bit wider, a cotton beanie/hat for bad hair days that can be smushed, a little 7-inch plush toy i keep for luck from my bf....it all comes up to the top of the GW, almost! i wonder if i can fit all of this in a Minilisa! i don't have any papers (until i go to grad school ...err...someday) so i don't think i'd need a tall bag!

    plus the chicklit saves me from digging for my checkbook , which i record all of my purchases, but i'm too afraid to dirty-up the zip-pocket inside the chicklit with coins >_< so i still carry a spare change purse

    oooh i looked at the streetwalker!! argh i wish it was in spring colors! it would've been perfect! i think i'd dig a blue or green spring GW but i'm just not too keen on brown contrast trim! :T and i'd like a different style bag!
  11. I think you could totally fit all of that in a minilisa without any problem!
  12. 'Tea, even I think the green apple color on the Six Degrees is :drool:!! And I agree w/ you .... try a different bag...you never know if it's the TRULY perfect Tano haha