Spring Collection?

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  1. On the Marc Jacobs website under MBMJ, there is this bag that says its in the Spring collection that I LOVE. I cant put the pic here for some reason, but its like a light blue color and it has a longer strap that is i think a purple-ish color?

    Basically, my question is when do these bags hit stores, if you know? I thought the Spring collections should be coming out like, now?
    And if anyone has seen this bag anywhere, let me know please!!
  2. Spring '10 bags are slowly trickling into stores right now. :yes:
  3. Thank you! :smile: hopefully it's going to be online somewhere because I have no MJ store around me.
  4. Sometimes bags that are listed for production aren't even produced at all, or are only produced in certain countries, so just keep checking the regular sites. Good luck!