Spring collection?

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  1. Hi, I wanna buy a Balenciaga Giant City this weekend.

    Does anyone knows if there are new spring colors that are coming out any time soon?

    If so, I dont know if I should wait. I'm only interested with Gold Hardware.
  2. This is actually going to be my first Balenciaga bag ! :smile:
  3. Papette anything
  4. Papette??
  5. oh, is that a color ? lol
    see i told you this is going to be my first B.
  6. Sorbet and Outremer will not be coming out in Gold hardware. Cyclade doesnt wow me that much, and since I saw that Papeete looks so close to the tiffany's box, and I've got a better representation of the colour, I really like Papeete. Sahara would look great with GGH too!

    If you dont mind waiting, i think Olive and Canard would look fantastic with GGH. They should be out anytime soon!

  7. Hi , Do you know when it's coming out?
    What shade is Canard?
  8. No one's really sure how Canard looks like exactly for now, from the swatch, it looks like a dark navy blue. Can't tell until we see pictures of it!
  9. Hi again,
    where did you see the swatch?
    I want a dark blue. I hope it comes in GGH.
    Do you know if it's coming out this FEB?