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  1. Thanks for posting. The pictures reinforce the attractiveness of the tangerine! The steady looks really nice, too. I wonder how big it is? The only way I'll get to see it is in modeling pictures from you ladies - none of the stores around me carry RM.
  2. Soccer Mom, here's the link to the the interview Megs and Vlad had with RM -- scroll down and you'll see the model carrying the Steady in a number of photos. I really like it -- and want to get one only I have no idea how much one is right now!
  3. The middle bag has nipples!
  4. *gasp* I love yellow and silver! I wish the yellow Nikki had silver hardware.
  5. :censor: Alright, that bag is off the shelves! LOL
  6. OMG - I'll never be able to look at it again without seeing that!
  7. Love, love the yellow/silver.
  8. my thoughts exactly! :rolleyes:
  9. OMG I love the steady, nipples and all!
  10. LOL oh no GUNG now I'm having second thoughts about it LOL!
  11. LOL GUNG nooooo now I am having second thoughts about the bag LOL!
  12. Oh sorry for the double post. I got way too excited about that bag!
  13. *SNORT* :lol:
  14. Thanks for posting!!!

    I hope it is just the color of the leather on the Steady that gives it nipples!:roflmfao: That is my most wanted bag for this year. I usually can't do pockets on the front of purses because they always tend to look like breasts!;)