Spring Collection on Coach Japan!!!

  1. Hello all!
    Just wanted to let you all know that if you can't wait until December 26th for the new floorset, there are some pictures on the Japanese Coach website of some of the new products for the Spring Collection!!
    These pictures really don't do these bags justice... the leather is gorgeous and the colors are wonderfully vibrant!!
    Make sure to stop by and check these out on dec 26th! (and also to say hello to all of us lovely SA's that you love oh so much!! ;))

    Merry Christmas!
  2. Anyone read Japanese?

    I am just curious, the Lily is listed in Black and "Brown". Is this Whiskey or the mysterious Walnut?
  3. I'm not sure but i'll grab a catalogue before i leave the store tomorrow and post a reply here when i get home! All this is so new I havent had a chance to learn the names and colors yet! Can't wait for dec 26th though :smile:
  4. OMG! Is this coming to the US?? I've been wishing this size came in this color! We can only get this in the medium now, right?

  5. Gorgeous bags! Thanks for posting!
  6. I see the peony scarf is still available. I wish I knew someone in japan and would have them ship it to me.:tender:
  7. it is brass/whiskey and black/black..
    hope this will help u:smile:
  8. this size was available earlier, cause one of my SA friends has it. Unfortunately, i was only referencing the bags that i put a direct link to, as i know that some of the bags in Japan are manufactured only for the Japanese market! Sorry if that was misleading!
    The bag above is still available in patent leather... we have one in the store and its wicked cute!
  9. I love that Madeline Tote in the brown with the pink scarf. I cant wait to see all the new stuff.
  10. Oh, no, that's OK! I understood! I went wandering around and got OT! haha! I have the large Ergo hobo in the vintage leather but didn't know they came out with the large in the chocolate brown color! Anyway, back on topic for me.... fortunately none of the other bags are turning my head! My wallet needs a breather! LOL!
  11. Thanks for the link!
  12. [​IMG]

    what is this! Japan Coach shoppers get a candle with their purchase! I want one! :nuts:
  13. I think it costs. If you look carefully at the text next to the candle it shows 30.000. I'm assuming that is Yen? Maybe someone who can actually read Japanese will interpret for us.