Spring (Collection) Fever! Another Reveal!

  1. It is black, not exactly what I would like for spring but definitely wold use it more.
  2. :smile: your cat is also eager for the reveal
  3. I'm intrigued....
  4. Hehee, she's hanging around to see if she could nom on the Chanel sticker, she loves scotch tape! Silly cat!
  5. Ta-da!!!!

    The boy tote!
  6. ooooo pretty!! very unique!
  7. Here's another shot...
  8. Congrats! It's stunning! mod shot pls? :smile:
  9. Last picture, a shot of the interior, Pardon the nail file turned bag opener.

    Thanks so much for letting me share!
  10. So pretty, and your view is stunning! My cat also love to chew tape, how funny they are!
  11. Congratulations! And how funny is your cat :smile:
  12. I'm very camera shy...:blush:
  13. LOL, does your cat swallow the tape? Mine does sometimes when I'm not watching, then I have the fun time of sticking my finger in her mouth to make her throw it up! Yewwwww!
  14. Gorgeous!!!
  15. I love this!