Spring CLs in BH store next week!

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  1. If there is anything you are coveting, give Alisha a call at [SIZE=-1](310) 247-9300. She is a friend of mine and AMAZING! Tell her Dana sent you :smile:
  2. what styles are there? any pics?
  3. they haven't received their shoes yet. but i know Saks had some spring shoes on presale.
  4. You are a dear! I called her and they have the black patent peanut wedge 3 inch heel in my size!! I have been wanting them and I think I could put them to good use.
  5. ^i am so glad! wear them in good health :smile:
  6. Do they have a sale on the fall shoes?
  7. I totally for got to tell you she is going to call me if she gets the VP'S in nude patent. I just happed to ask about the wedges, which she said she was wearing and loved LOL. She is holding them and I will call her in the afternoon. Time difference and all, I am in SC
    I hope that will be a good purchace, I reallt like them!!:tup:
    Thanks again Dana!!
  8. Next week! There are select styles. Alot of graffiti, some booties.
  9. haha, Alisha loves her wedges! Helps her survive the entire day on her feet.
    And i harassed her about the Nude VPs as well.
  10. Dana.. If you are out there I wanted to let you know I ordered the Peanut Wedges from Alisha. She was wearing them again today. Pretty good endorsement!! You are right, she is fabulous. Very sweet and perky!! She will call me as soon as she gets the VP's in nude. Thanks again! BTW I had tried to get these prior from Barneys and the SA I had, who was a bit of a snot, told me I would never find them in my size. ha!
  11. ^yeah! and good luck in your search for the nude VPs :smile: i hope they arrive soon!
  12. I may call her for the prives in nude patent!!!!
  13. i was just there. i got the nude patent vp in the 80-85mm. so comfortable and cute. to those who were interest in the sale, they have started their pre-sale for the fall shoes. it will continue today and tomorrow.
  14. ^^ ooo what did they have?? Please post pics! I have never seen the nude VP in 85mm before.
  15. I wonder when they got them in??!! I just ordered a pair of wedges from that store Friday and they did not have and nudes aptents. I told them to call when they came in. Well, they must be getting ready to pop up on Saks, too, I bet.