Spring Cleaning!

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  1. Have any of you guys found stuff after or whilst you were doing your spring cleaning... stuff that you've been looking for forever, or stuff you've wondered if they were stolen or lost and now are found??


    I for one, just recently found my FRIENDS Season 8 Disc 2! lol. i was like, "oh no! .. i hope i didn't leave it at that idiot ex-bf's house! gah!" i was so mad/sad. and i just found it today!! yay! haha. :biggrin: :nuts:
  2. HA!!! I drove myself INSANE because I thought I had lost my beloved Nantucket sweatshirt. Sounds silly, but my Dad and my now husband bought it for me. When Jason and I were just dating he and my Dad went to Nantucket for a long weekend and I had to stay behind and take care of our hotels....somebody had to!!! I told them they better not come home unless they brought me this sweatshirt...I specified color, brand etc...and by god they did it and I heard all about it for AGES!!! My Dad passed away and its just one of those things I love you know!! Well it went missing...for like 5 months...I was crushed! AS I was packing for my holidays I FOUND IT!!! Behind a stack of never worn sweaters...I burst into tears...it was sooooo cool.
  3. I haven't started on my spring cleaning yet. LoL FRIENDS is so funnY!! I love that show!!
  4. The only thing I am finding this spring is AWFUL allergies....
  5. ^^me Too!
  6. :sad2: :sad2: How sad! I hope you get better!
  7. oh no! allergies suck :sad:
  8. I'm so horrible. I put things in my closet to remember where I put it, but then forget! So, every time, I clean up I find something new. I onced cleaned out my closet and found 3 hundred dollar bills. I suppose I should clean more. :lol:
  9. yah, allergies does suck.
    I found my chapstick under my bed today.
  10. I haven't started my spring cleaning either. Maybe I'll start this weekend.