Spring Cleaning -- Time to Weed My Hermes Garden

  1. I joined TPF in May 2006 and just started posting recently. I've been collecting Hermes scarves and handbags, and find myself reaching for the same ones over and over and letting the rest languish. Inspired by the "Taking it Slow" thread, I thought I'd do some serious editing and whittle down my collection to what I actually wear. I've got a couple of SO's in the pipeline, and it remains to be seen if I'll still want them when they arrive.

    I have no idea how French women manage with just ONE black bag or ONE Hermes scarf. Frankly, having THREE Hermes black bags and ONE Hermes gold bag and letting go of the rest, sounds pretty courageous to me.

    I can't think about parting with any Hermes scarves until I deal with the handbags.

    Anyone else have the urge to do some Hermes Spring cleaning?
  2. um no but i have the urge to be on the recieving end of your spring cleaning ;) :graucho:
  3. I feel like I'm CONSTANTLY doing Spring cleaning! LOL! I'm just trying to get my collection "right" for me. Once it's there, then I'm hoping to be satisfied with how I've whittled it down. Fingers crossed 'cause I always see something to drool over...............
  4. I've already partly done some H cleaning with items I do not need nor use. I'm still contemplating whether to let one or two handbags go.
  5. LOL hlfinn!

    MS, I hear you loud and clear. I adore all my H-goodies, but as much as I like to think each purchase had some careful thought behind it, I am now realizing that my tastes have evolved and there has been some duplication of items where I only need one of. I am taking a good, long, hard look at the collection of bags and scarves right now. But everytime I re-visit the items, it's quite hard to part with them. Entre Nous has been very inspiring though.

    The funny thing is that I followed the Entre Nous way of things during college and early career days--mostly due to budgetary constraints which forced me to make very careful choices, but I found that I made do with my one black Prada bag and one vintage brown Prada, and looked fine. I always knew what to grab in my closet for occasions, but now, it will take me forever because there are just too many choices! In the words of Biggie--"Mo Money, Mo Problems." :yes:

    And I have to say that looking at them all can generate a bit of a headache and guilt. I definitely don't need all of it. And like you said, I pretty much grab the same things everyday. Granted, I will still keep those items that satisfy my aesthetic longings, even though they may not quite be as functional. ;) A girl's still gotta have some fun!
  6. I LOVE spring cleaning...and summer, fall, and winter... DH refers to it as my "recycling program"... Have sent a few things on to loving homes recently and debating about a few more...
  7. H aside, I have to do these with shoes! However, you barely get anything for shoes so either I keep them and wait until I use them, or get rid of them. The only thing is that if I get rid of some, I think I have a hole in my shoe collection and I will end up buying more shoes again!
  8. I do think I need to do spring cleaning, but nothing Hermes to purge. Need to make room to ADD Hermes!!
  9. i should say i do this in my closet all the time. i think i need to do it again. i am drowning in clothing and i want it out!
  10. shopmom, I think the bags that are "right" for me are already in my closet, and that they're obscured by the clutter that must go.

    hlfinn, despite a major purge of my closet last year it's gotten in a big tangle again. Ah, to have just a few drop dead choices to wear would make getting dressed so much easier. I have to give the heave-ho to some so-so items in my closet to keep the good stuff from getting smushed and me from getting confused with too many choices.

    lavan, I hope you can sort out the "shoe" thing without spending a small fortune filling in the holes in your collection.

    Oregonfanlisa -- sounds like your Hermes garden will be growing this Spring!
  11. I agree with the concept of "spring cleaning", I just have not yet begun the PRACTICE of Spring cleaning (and as I have so few H pieces, they would not be in my dustbin).

    I would volunteer myself to...ahem...fall my sword for all of you and take anything you're tired of...oh, don't thank me! It's the LEAST I can do!

  12. Gallant offer, A-T-G. You and hlfinn have this all figured out. Consignment would work, too.
  13. Luckily I think I chose my bags pretty carefully, so while I may use one or two of them a little less than the others, I can't bring myself to get rid of them because I still love them and will wear them eventually. That's what I love about Hermes. They're timeless. I do have an awful lots of overcoats and shoes to get rid of. Planning to do my spring cleaning soon.
  14. well i have only one garden party and box kelly ---long way from spring cleaning
  15. I like to weed things out from my closet but as far as Hermes goes what I have now is exactly what I want to have. It's the other bags from my past that I am wedding out to make room for the orange boxes. I find that I reach for the same couple of the same bags often, but at times I really like to have more choices.