Spring Catalog

  1. ... appeared in my mailbox today, so many cute things, a lot of which we've already seen in the drilldown work that some super slueth'ers have done. :smile:
  2. I got it today too. Fortunately for me there is nothing I really want in it.
  3. ^^ Yep same here. I got one at the outlet and have thumbed through it a few times and haven't fallen in love yet. Well, I'm sort of lusting over the medium Lily but I think it's still too big. I hope they will make a true mini size Lily...then it would be MINE!!
  4. Are there any new styles in the spring catalog? Or are they the same bags in spring colors?
  5. I got the new catalog today as well. The only thing I really want is the parchment patent leather flats - Loiss ballet flats - $168 - style # Q288. They're really cute.
  6. I received my catalog today too and sadly I'm not impressed :sad:
  7. If someone could put pics up that would be great!! I haven't gotten it yet and would love to see it! :wlae:
  8. Where is mine???

  9. I second that... I was so bored I began looking at Gucci :smile:
  10. I got my catalog yesterday too. I am kindof really glad that I did not see anything that interested me either. I am actually shock that that could be. I know my DH was thrilled to here that news!!!
  11. Wow, I was liking so much of it! My new love is the Heritage Stripe XL Zip Satchel in Geranium! I wish I could pull it up on the website! And of course I'll have to get the matching wristlet and perhaps the top handle pouch. Ugh.

    I think the XL Satchel is the same size as the Lily- can anyone verify? Hopefully it's lighter than the leather Lily! Perfect for spring/summer!
  12. Can someone tell me the color combos of this bag? #11620

  13. ^^Looks like lilac/lavender. I love it.
  14. it is lilac and signature
  15. ^^ The catalog doesn't list any other color combos? Someone mentioned it coming in other colors in another thread so I was curious! Thank you!