Spring Catalog Pictures!

  1. Gavin 206.jpg

    Gavin 205.jpg
  2. An SA gave me a glimpse at this as well (I couldn't get pics). Some cute stuff coming including the smaller lily satchel
  3. Gavin 204.jpg

    Gavin 203.jpg
  4. Gavin 202.jpg

    Gavin 201.jpg

    Gavin 200.jpg

    Gavin 199.jpg
  5. Gavin 195.jpg

    Gavin 196.jpg

    Gavin 197.jpg

    Gavin 198.jpg

    Gavin 194.jpg
  6. alrighty ya'll, pics aren't the greatest, but i've never done this before and my husband refuses to feed my coach addiction anymore than he needs to. enjoy! if you have any questions about style numbers, color availability, or anything, just let me know.

    we started passing this catalog out today at work, so hopefully ya'll will be able to get your hands on a hard copy soon!
  7. Thanks so much for uploading some photos!
  8. Coachislove you are the best for doing this. Thanks!
  9. The green/grass polka dot ponytail scarf will be mine.
  10. yay! thanks for posting the pics :smile:
  11. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this :tup:

    ETA: I'm wondering about the colors on the sig slim carly... is it just the khaki/white, khaki/tan, black like online? TIA!
  12. uh oh it looks like this is going to be an expensive spring!
  13. Thanks for posting the pictures. I already ordered the Heritage Stripe Tote in the pink and can't wait to receive it!
  14. Thanks for posting pics! Looks like there's going to be a lot of cute goodies this spring!!
  15. AWWWW, Thank you !!!!