Spring Carlys!!??

  1. Does anyone know about colors for the carlys that are coming out in the spring? Its definitely one of my new favorite styles and would love a pretty color to go along with my new chocolate carly!! Thanks:love::smile:
  2. ohh I would like to know too! i wish they would come out with them in silver hardware
  3. Ooo! I'd love to know too! If they they ever came out w/ a Magenta/Khaki Carly, that is one bag that could pull me away from the Heritage Tote.
  4. Magenta/khaki with nickel hardware... :drool::drool::drool:

    I'm excited to see if any other new colors will be coming out. So far the only thing I like is the heritage tote.
  5. :drool: Is right !
  6. Pink and Khaki....OMG!! I would buy that in a heartbeat! lol :biggrin:
  7. Pink and Khaki? I would be in Coach Heaven :tender:.
  8. Pink and Khaki would be pretty!!! Also a bag with nickel hardware.
  9. I totally agree Lady Blackney! I would love a carly with anythink pink on it!!! LOL..Has anyone seen pics of the new carlys for the spring?
  10. I haven't seen any pics yet :sad: maybe an SA can help us out there? Please? At least give us a hint on whether there will ever be any Magenta involved in a Carly....hehe.;)
  11. OOOOO yes, if there are any SA out there please let us know!! pretty pretty pretty please!! :tender:
  12. I would love a punch khaki with orange trim, like the wallet!!! But i ve NEVER heard about that at all :sad:
  13. I haven't seen anything new other than the khaki/choc. and khaki/bronze. Khaki/punch would be a huge selling item!
  14. i will ask tomorrow at the store see what they say...
  15. ooo OOO! Please do, Babygirl!

    Kat~you'll have to let us know if you hear anything--after you reserve one for yourself that is! lol;)