Spring Cabas mystery...

  1. I've gotten a couple of leads on some leather Coco Cabas that are trickling in to some stores within the next few weeks/months... My SA at my local NM said that some black leather Coco Cabas will be arriving to their warehouse, but when I asked her about the size, she said it would be the same size as the $995 vinyl Cabas. So, I immediately thought that it would be the original size Cabas coming in. I asked if she would also be getting some of the Baby Cabas in, and she said that they've never had Baby Cabas...Then, I asked her the price, and she said it would be $1795. I believe this is the price for the baby cabas, no?

    So, I'm a little confused...I think the "last gasp" Coco Cabass coming into stores in March/April/May are the Baby Cabas, and not the Original Cabas...could anyone please help confirm this?

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. not sure...am sure the other ladies can give a quick answer,,,,,,,,,,but, if any store gets in a pastel baby/regular Cabas i will be in big trouble, like, yellow, mint green, tangerine, rose......
  3. All of the SA I have spoken with have said no more cabas for s/s , but there is a new "cabas like" bag for fall/winter. who knows
  4. I was told NM is getting more of the baby cabas any day now.
  5. Ok, that's what I was thinking...it was the Baby Cabas size. Thanks :smile:
  6. I was told the same for Saks in NYC. Specifically, they mentioned the baby cabas in black, with quilting on the bottom.
  7. Yes. NM is getting the black and white baby cabas for $1795.
  8. :wtf: white baby cabas. omg I must have one.
  9. i heard from Saks that they will be getting the brown color in the orginal size too.
  10. Are there photos of the denim baby cabas?

  11. The SA at the Chanel boutique also said that they will be bringing back the Coco Cabas this Fall/Winter 07. I am not sure but am pretty certain they mentioned they may come in combinations. Black is a definite color.

    Also, they mentioned that they will be coming out with styles this Spring/summer similar to the Luxury Ligne in patent. Has anyone heard of news similar ?