Spring Break trip!;)

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  1. Going to San Antone' for the week-
    I bought the cutiest capris, and dress halter top.
    Along with A nice Cut top,and gypsy skirt.
    And a sun dress for going out at night on the river walk

    Now I am looking at the weather for tommorow. and EEE! it says thunderstorms the entire time I'm there.

    My outfit selection is ruined, and now I have no clue as how to change my outfits so they will work in the dreaded weather......
    Besides the two days I am wearing jeans, I'm going to look awful in a hoodie or trench coat;(

    I need some Ideas for my outfit change!
  2. Have fun! I wish I could tell you how to change your outfit, we hardly have storms here :sad:
  3. Hey don't let the rain ruin your fun!

    I would say still bring couple of your outfit just in case if the weather did clear up. Bring some rain gear and one medium jacket, also in case if it gets colder than you thought.

    Just don't forget to have fun! If you're going with your friends, you'll have fun no matter what! show us pictures of your trip when you come back!
  4. Get a swanky umbrella!
    Plus you know TX weather - if you don't like it, wait a minute!
  5. It should be more about the fun trip than it is about your clothes at this point, Whatever you wear, you are going to look just as cute, just wet. oh !!!!! that doesn't sound right !! :shame: Anyway you know what I mean. grab your jeans, boots, umbrella and a great bag.

    Have fun.
  6. I bet you'll look cute in whatever you wear! Have fun! Spring break...I'm so excited! :nuts: