spring break question

  1. this year for spring break, i obviously want to go somewhere warm...duh. lol.
    but which warm state has the best outlets??
  2. that is too cute and funny ! I would plan my trip around outlet shopping too but I am 36 lol ! At your age I would have been thinkin which state will have the cutest guys in the least amount of clothing and where I can have the easiest access to booze ha ha !
  3. I have never been to the outlets in FL but in Destin, FL there is a coach outlet! Destin has a nice beach :yes:

    I want to go there this summer!
  4. California has some nice outlets. :tup: If you go to www.outletbound.com you can look for outlets by state, store name, etc.. it's pretty cool. :okay:
  5. Well, depends on if you would like to shop for other high-end brands in outlets ike Chanel, Fendi, Ferragamo and so on ;) if so then definitely the Woodbury outlet. They also have a Betsey Johnson outlet there; definitely worth going if that's what you're looking for.
  6. I have had alot of luck at the Orlando FL outlet I visit everytime we are there. It is a small store that is super busy, but I've always found a bag there that I want.
  7. ITA!!:tup: Go to Orlando, they have a GREAT Coach outlet...Orlando is not to far from the beach and you can also drive to Miami, Clearwater beach (a little less than 2 hrs away), or Sarasota:smile:
  8. Where is Awesome Jones ? Do I get points for using the word "booze" in a post ? have fun on your break and shopping ! Sorry I couldn't be much help, I live in a freezing state right now !
  9. oh, i love booze! i have a boyfriend i've been dating for over 2 years now, but he's not going with me, it's gonna be all girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    all handbag obsessed college girls.
    look out wherever we go!!!!!!!!
  10. i went to myrtle beach last year, so i'm thinking somewhere in FL. thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Sarasota FL has both great beaches and Coach outlet.
  12. I vote for Orlando! You can see Mickey and Minnie and a GREAT Coach Outlet
  13. HAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! Mrs. MC!!! You are out of control! Ten Thousand point for the use of booze and loose men all in the same sentence! HAHAH! Hilarity!:yahoo:

  14. My sister went there for SB two years ago. Picked up a nice pink signature pouch for $50 at the Coach outlet. AND from the pictures I have seen the beach is quite perty. Very resorty.

  15. DITTO!!! LOL....I'm 38...I have great Springbreak memories....but Mrs. MC, you're absolutely right, LOL....it was about the cutest guys, warmest weather and cheapest booze! LOL...too funny!