Spring Break Plans?

  1. Soooo, what are you guys doing for :yahoo: SPRING BREAK!?:yahoo:

    I've already got my ticket to go see my boyfriend in Cali for a WHOLE WEEK (we usually only get 2-3 days together, so this will be super-awesome). He wants to go snowboarding... I'd rather lay around... which reminds me, I need to find a resort with a good spa for this snowboarding trip.

    Funny, now that I think of it. I'm leaving Hawaii for Spring Break to go somewhere with snow... :shrugs: (This will also be my first time ever seeing a large amount of snow! I've seen bits of it on Mount Rainier in Washington State in June and saw a bit when I went to Norway last Summer... but never much. And I still haven't seen it fall from the sky!)
  2. I work now...so no spring break for me. But I hope you have fun with your bf.
  3. Spring Break...well, work was going to send me to a conference in Anaheim so hubby and I were going to take the two kids to Dinseyland....BUT back in December hubby tore his medial-collateral ligament trying (and failing horribly) to do a back flip (my friends said it looked more like a triple salchow [I have it on tape]). Anyhow, baby who is 1 is walking and independent and because of DH's injury it would be too hard to watch the 2 kids on his own at Disneyland while I am at the Conference so we had to cancel the trip (very sad). We'll prob. end up going to Maui for a couple of days.

    Emily, have fun snowboarding!
  4. Trying to finish up some research and get a paper published so spring break means nose to the grindstone for me!
  5. I don't have spring break anymore, but I was planning to goto the winter music conference in miami. However, my cousin decided to visit me for her spring break, so the WMC will have to wait til next year.
  6. I'll be leaving for Florida to visit BF and skipping the first week of classes, so I get to stay for 20 days! It's going to be a nice long, much needed vacation. We are planning weekend trips to Bal Harbour, Miami, and maybe even the keys. And I just bought a new bathing suit from Victoria's Secret for the trip.
  7. Heh, I wish!

    I had some pretty cool spring breaks during college though! This year it just happens around the same time I"ll be visiting a friend in San Francisco.
  8. im working now so no spring break =( but i am going to miami in march for a bachelorette party!! woo hoo
  9. i would certainly love to trade this cold weather and snow for some fun in the sun... but no plans on going anywhere anytime soon. perhaps during the summer, my friends and will finally go on that road trip we've been talking about for awhile.
  10. This will be my last spring break so I'd love to go somewhere. Sadly, I've been buying too many bags and accessories so now I don't have money to go anywhere.
  11. I really don't know! lol! Usually when my family and I want to go somewhere, my bro is still in school, and then when he is out I go back. But maybe, we might fly to NYC or go to Vegas!
  12. Oh I am so ready for a Spring break but with my mum ill no chance, enjoy everyone!
  13. Ahhh.... I'll be working.
  14. I'll be working. On top of that I have jury duty that week. Hopefully I might be able to go to Vegas for a weekend.
  15. probably NYC........ or SF