Spring Bequias + Inside Scoop and Free Gift Inside!!!

  1. Hey guys long time no talk well I just wanted to let you know that I am still here and usually just lurk around since I been very busy:sweatdrop: and wanted to share with you some Hi-Res picture scans of the Spring Summer Bequia bags, I really like the black one Obiously:rolleyes: but I have to wait and see which bags actually make it on the shelves and also that the new Damier Graphite from the FW/08 will be "PERMANENT" yup you heard me I can't wait till August!




    And to show some LoVe here's a Mirrage Bordeaux Desktop for you to have just click on the link below!


  2. ooohhh nice and thanks for the desktop :smile:
  3. DAMN! :s Is it wrong that I no longer want it as bad since it's not seasonal?

    Thanks for the pics!
  4. ^ LOL so true

    LMM aww here I was thinking I was special with my exclusive mirage desktop you've gone and done a louis on me, re-releasing it :crybaby:
  5. ^^^well consider yourself a VIC since you got yours months earlier :lol:
  6. LOL ok that works
  7. Just like with that chloe bag, I can only think of one thing when I see these.. :push:


    Sorry for the bad skills in paint.
  8. ^^^it still looks better than this actual Hermes bag...

  9. ^^^That's the reason why fashion houses shouldn't hire kindergarten teachers as their art directors:roflmfao::nogood:
  10. Yeah. =P

    Sorry LMM, I don't want to ruin your new bag, I actually think it's a very cute, basic bag, I don't think it's ugly or bad at all. And the bequia IS heavenly.:yes: But it's just the bunny ears.. I can't help seeing them. :girlsigh:Yeah I know.. Pink elephants next.
  11. i am excited to see these bequias IRL if they will be available...as for the damier graphite...that's nice, being a permanent line...so far, i love the damier graphite but not seeing the perfectly designed messenger bag for me...thanks for the info!!!
  12. ohhh thanks
  13. Hey this is cute!!! :heart:

    Mind telling me more bout it? :graucho:
  14. Hi LMM,
    Thanks for the update....do you know if the new Damier will be only in men's bags?

    and thanks also for the Mirage wp......it's gorgeous !!!!
  15. I LOVE that blue color sooo much