Spring Bags

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  1. Kindly note that certain spring bags have been completely sold out such as the Stroke Me. Others have only one or two left. You might like to email Rose for a more complete list.

  2. Wow. This is amazing...but not surprising. Thank you for telling us this, Rose.

    Glad I ordered my Taupe Grey Stroke Me Medium way back when...
  3. Crazy!!! Could you post the list of what is still available on the purse forum? Thanks!
  4. :faint:Thanks Rose.
  5. Yes, please!! This might save you some time, Rose, and help us all out...Thank you so much!!
  6. I hope to have an updated list to share shortly but can say that we are completely sold out of SM and SMM in all colours, MMS large in cobalt, Hobo in silver and gold, and WTM Midi in silver and gold.

    Just one or two left of MMS Midi aubergine and TME Midi taupe grey.

  7. #7 Jan 21, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2009
    I am also quite excited to share a bit of an updated list of set styles and colours. These include:

    Love Me-matte taupe grey, matte tan, turquoise sheen, pink sheen

    Love Me Midi-matte tan, matte taupe grey, cobalt sheen, turquoise sheen, pink sheen, yellow sheen, burnt orange sheen

    Make Me Smile-matte tan, matte taupe grey, pink sheen, aubergine sheen

    Make Me Smile Midi-matte tan, matte taupe grey, cobalt sheen, mottled gold, aubergine sheen

    TME-matte tan, matte taupe grey, turquoise sheen, pink sheen, mottled gold, aubergine sheen

    TME Midi-matte tan, matte taupe grey, pink sheen, mottled gold

    I do hope this will help a bit! Kindly send me an email if you might like a bit more help. It is my delight to be in touch!

  8. I didn't realize the MMS midi was an option, I thought only MMS! I'm excited! Thanks so much for the update, Rose!! You're the best!!
  9. I can't wait to see pics of these bags. I am loving all of the colors.
  10. Also:

    Angel Purse-pink sheen, cobalt sheen, pewter crash, matte tan, turquoise sheen, mottled gold

    Clutch Me-mottled gold, mottled silver, black crash

    WTM-matte tan, matte taupe grey, pink sheen, aubergine sheen

    WTM Midi-matte tan, matte taupe grey, cobalt sheen, pink sheen, chocolate sheen, aubergine sheen, mottled gold

    TMA-matte tan, matte taupe grey, cobalt sheen, pink sheen, aubergine sheen

    To clarify, WTM is completely sold out in gold and silver. There are two mottled gold WTM Midi available that are not mentioned above.

    I do hope everyone is having a fantastic Thursday!

    xxxx Rose
  11. How do I order a bag from the spring collection? I've looked for instructions but can't find anything. Thanks!

  12. Email rose(@)belenechandia.com and she'll help you! Remove the () around @ of course!
  13. *Bump*

    Any other styles/colors sold out Rose?
  14. Bump again Rose - can we have an update on availability please?