Spring bags with fringe straps

  1. I went to the Prada store the other day and gawked at the latest spring bags from a distance (the SA knows me, and its so embarrassing to just browse only and not buy, again).

    The fringe bags are ok but what captured my heart was those spring bags with only a fringe strap. The rest of the bag does not have the shaggy things. It was like wow! So cowboy! Very D&G! I need to know how much they cost! Did u gals see those? They look amazing! I hope someone has pics, and price tags! Anyone?
  2. The messenger with fringe strap comes in black or brown napa and is 1200 euros.
    There's also the leather patchwork with fringe strap, but I don't know the price. That's an amazing bag!
  3. In this pic, on the right, Liz Hurley's carrying the patchwork leather with fringe strap.
  4. COugess has the patchwork fringe bag..it over 3000...eek...Im not a fan..It reminds me the the horror film where the serial killer sews up his victims body parts to make himself a new skin..LMAO..I SWEAR..Sorry..I had to tell ya that....ROFL..Its just not my fave bag.
  5. Jill:
    My fringe strap bag will get even with you for hurting its feelings - better look around corners and under your bed in Aruba! :graucho:

    The fringe strap is detachable and it comes with a long plain strap that is also detachable.
  6. TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE! There's indeed something "texan and disquieting" in fringes....
    But I love them!
  7. i love the shaggy fringe bags...it is a bit dramatic, but so glam and fun at the same time.

  8. ROFLMao!!!!Loves ya cougess..but not lovin the fringe bag...LOL!!!!!:nuts:
  9. OMG!!!I saw that movie lol!!! Not a huge fan of the bag either, but hey..I have bags that pfr's don't care for ..It's all what you like and what you need it for!!! Enjoy!!!! :smile:
  10. Not a fan of the fringe either, it just seems too much --but who knows, I could change my mind, that has happened before....
  11. Actually this was the one i was talking abt. I took the photo secretly. So glad my usual SA is not around, so I can just walk in and browse.

    It comes in white canvas too. Its lined with exotic skin. The SA told me its like nearly 3K. I loved it but it doesnt look that expensive; it has a 1K look hehe. Do u gals think its nice?

  12. I have the one liz hurley is pictured carrying - mine is patchwork - your looks a little different? I will post a pic next week.