Spring bags on tanobag.com

  1. All you Tano lovers - check out the new spring line on tano bags
    I think you can buy or special order thru musthavebag.com
    Some fab colors this season!
  2. :wtf: I'm LOVING them! I only want 5 or 6, lol. The blues are awesome! And finally, some silver hardware~ ya!
  3. Oooh, the havana blue, celeste blue and rose shadow are so gorgeous. I've never seen one of these bags in real life but hear the leather is amazing - could be a dangerous combination for bank accounts everywhere!
  4. All of my Tano's have silver hardware -- but I prefer yellow to match my jewelry:sad:
  5. Oh no. I am in SO much trouble!
    The rose shadow is AMAZING!

    Guess where my tax return is going?
  6. There are some wonderful blues, along with the greens. Nice line-up!
  7. I love the 'Kittin Pretty':
    Tano Handbags

    Really amazing design!
  8. Be still my beating heart. That Rose Shadow color is TDF - and the blues are celestial! I don't know what I'm going to do!!!? I mean, I could spend some serious money here! My favorites are (see below)....:nuts:
    3495_l-1.jpg 3438_l-1.jpg 3351_l.jpg
  9. I sure wish these bags were easier to find. Finding the exact color and style combination you want is close to impossible.
  10. ^^ ITA - especially if you're in the UK:sad:
  11. Lunaboston.com carries some tano bags also...haven't checked if they have any new ones but you can use code Grechen for 20% off.
  12. :drool: Those spring colors are gorgeous! The celeste blue and emerald green! Does anyone happen to have the "Bottle Blonde" bag? I'm wondering what its measurements are.
  13. What is the leather like on these bags? Thick or thin? Soft or stiff?

    I am not familiar with Tano, but this collection is absolutely stunning! What is it about this place, anyway? Every day I find myself obsessing over something different than the day before! Love it!
  14. Loving the french laundry in panna cream!