Spring bags for the Chanel/LV/Cole Haan/X brand Lover

  1. *Note: Next time I'll lighten up the watermarks. And sorry I forgot to edit the topic name. Since I'm only allowed 8 photos I had to crop out the Chanel, Cole Haan bags. Sorry!

    I just received my Feb issue of Harper's. I was so excited to see the spring bags I've decided to post my favorites here. See anything you like?

    Fendi - huge clutch
    Louis Vuitton - one of the Richard Prince collaborations
    Prada - I love the girl illustrations on it
    Coach - Surprisingly I like this envelope clutch, the handle is a nice feature
    Salvatore Ferragamo - I love the color
    Salvatore Ferragamo - This bag reminds me of Hermes
    Tod's - yellow tote with connecting zippers
    YSL - this is my absolute favorite!! Looks very versatile.