Spring Bag on Style.com

  1. One of the Vuitton spring bags is on the accessiores selection on style.com. I thought this might be interesting because it really puts this bag in a new light. I hardly looks that bad here. Does anyone know the name of this style?

    third row thrid, from the right:
    Accessory Reports on Style.com
  2. The line is called something and stripes?? I think...lol no I don't know the name exactly, that pic looks better than the one in the look book, but I'm still not a fan of this bag :s
  3. the pic isnt coming up when I click on the link, can someone post it please. Thanks ! :flowers:
  4. Polka Dot Stripes bag
  5. Here it is:
  6. Here you go Steve

  7. Looks much darker in the look book, and flap in not gradated like that.
  8. I like this Hermes tho...very close the the manosaque.
  9. thanks, its a very hot bag !
  10. i dont really like it, it looks like it got graffiti-ed on the edges
  11. I love the Style.com´s accessories report every year! Great pics, thanks for reminding me to check it this year!
  12. i still think it looks like a mess.
    someone slap jacobs for me.
  13. thanks :biggrin:
  14. Oh don't worry, I do that regularly.