Spring B-Bag Suggestions

  1. Hi guys

    As you can see, I'm a super newbie. New to the forum and to b-bags. I am expecting my very first b-bag anyday now, an Anthracite City (counting the hours until I get that baby in my hands!)

    I've mostly been carrying dark colored handbags, with the exception of a grey and beige one, but I'm totally open to a white or light color for spring...

    Anyone have any suggestions for colors in the First? I fell in love with a First at the BalNY store in what the SA called a "true grey" color.
  2. Welcome to the PURSE FORUM and the wonderful, crazy world of bbags!

    aqua or vert d'eau first would be pretty for spring!
  3. Welcome to TPF! :jammin: and cheers on the yummy Anthracity!

    Aquamarine would be a great color for you I believe, especially in a First.
  4. I have the first in Vert D'eau and I LOOOOVE her:jammin: Also agree w/aquamarine, it looks so pretty on the screen. If I could get another right now I'd get that one.

    I really like the first style in brighter colors. I think it just looks beautiful.
  5. Then there are the reds...those look beautiful. If you want really bright, there's French Blue. If you want colorful but more serence, there's Periwinkle. You should look at the swatch board...and at members' postings of their new bags. Often those pix are really thorough and document the colors very, very well.

    atelier.naff: Seafoam! (ish) ...SS07 color swatches
  6. :heart: thanks so much for the suggestions and the welcome! there are too many colors... i love love red... but not necessarily the orangey type of red. aquamarine... that sounds really nice, too.
  7. aquamarine - or if that was a greige first you saw, grab it! Obviously not a bright color but greige is a great bbag color and you will love it! I know BalNY had a few greige first left a few weeks ago.
  8. Hey Luxelife, is "greige" true grey? I guess since I don't know the color pallettes, I didn't know.

    But yeah. That grey was like my perfect grey.

    I saw the grey one last Saturday... um maybe I should go back to the store and caress it again. :smile:
  9. This is Greige...it's actually gray with beige undertones...
  10. ^^lulu - do that! Or call them to see if it is in stock. Have a feeling it was greige because Balenciaga doesn't have anything else even close to gray right now. If it is greige, it is a classic color and you will love it! I have a greige city and box, just returned a greige twiggy because, really, three greige bags were a bit much! ;) So you see how much I love the color! :love:
  11. this may be a bit boring - but i feel like a camel color works really well in the spring/summer months. it's casual, but light.
  12. holy CRAP. i think that IS the bag i saw at the store. i can tell this is going to be an expensive addiction...

    those folks at balenciaga are smart. of course you would want these bags different colors and sizes.

    i will call them tomorrow. i am also thinking about white or red, since i don't have any purses that are white or red.

    someone please lock up my amex card! :shrugs:
  13. just GO for it, lulunewyork!!! you'll LOVE it!!! :graucho:
  14. :yes:
  15. Just called BalNY. They carry the First in red, white and grey. I believe that grey is the greige color.

    Decisions, decisions....

    K I need the First in either red, white or grey.
    Can't make up my mind which right now. Will view them in person. Hopefully can post pics later...