Spring Apparel!

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  1. Not a fan for now- Can we see the bags??
  2. Yay! Very pretty! I love the Lee, Josephine, anorak, and Bibliotheque. The prices are better too!
  3. I really like the Hyde coat!
  4. The andromeda is pretty too. I am also kinda liking the Hyde coat.
  5. Love the Lee too - that print is really pretty! I like the scarf in the Kaleidoscope print too!
  6. Me too. The clothes make me in the spring mode. I am starting to rethink some of my fall bags I am waiting on......
  7. A few of the dresses, maybe....
  8. the andromeda dress is very pretty.
  9. I like that one too!
  10. The anorak and the Noemi dress are my favs!!!

    And the biblio.... :tender:
  11. This time I'm going to hop on the scarves sooner. I have to have all 3 scarves. Both Square scarves in dusk kaleidoscope and bright kaleidoscope and the Chevron Scarf!!

    I like the Christina Leather vest in Doe but I'm going to wait for it to go on sale.
    I actually kinda dig the Gobi Romper. It's cute.

    The blake dress reminds me of rebecca minkoff for some reason didn't she do a dress like that last spring?
  12. i like the chevron scarf and the anorak - could it help heal my heart over never finding the Earhart in my size?
  13. yay! Love the Noemi anorak!
  14. SCARVES!!!!! I will have to try on the anorak IRL though because unless HH has modified anything none of the clothes will fit me..! Bring on the backordered items..and then I will be happier though..but at least this is a breath of..well..SPRING!!!

    HHip HHip HHurray..HH is alive..it's alive!!!