Spring and Summer shoes are up on LV.com for Men and Women!

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  1. I see 3 pairs that I want!
  2. I LOVE white shoes! so when I got my brown leather speeding ones, I wished they made them in all white... well my wish came true!! first pair!!!


    LOVE the 2nd pair! they are so mine! and ik the sandals have been up for a while but I like them!

  3. Loving the second & third pair !
  4. i think some of them in store already
  5. haha they have shoes to match miroir. I'm liking some of the sandals :Push: kinda like the first sneakers with part of the flower on it too.
  6. Those are hot.

    Also, the mirior tennis shoes aren't as bad as I thought they would be!
  7. nothing form the men's line jumps right out at me just yet. but my SA said there will be a pair of metallic leather oxfords from the runway collection. im quite eager to see those :yes:
  8. matt, i love the first ones..so classy and sporty :smile:

  9. I need those metallic oxfords you're talking about! :drool: As soon as anyone finds the price, notify me. Immediately!
  10. wow! lv is making normal looking tennis shoes!!!
  11. Those Multicolor sneakers and those ElektroChoc Dark Jeans sandals request to be on my feet :biggrin: I think my first LV shoe purchase will be this summer.
  12. Wow, i love all those shoes! My bro saw them, and he wants to go shopping!
  13. Matt I love the white ones!! I am a big white shoe fan too!! :yes:
  14. Thanks for the heads up!
    Some of those shoes are NICE...I'm not a fan of the plasticy shoes...but the sneakers are very cute! Same with some of the flats!
  15. There is a new leather sneaker coming out (similar to the the leather LV initial sneakers) with a large square "V" Metal on the top. The "V" is similar the the "V" Pendant released earlier. Looks good.

    The 2nd shoe posted also comes in dark blue but shaped like a running shoe. Saw them from the Look Book.