Spring and Summer bag


Which bag should i get for the s/s.

  1. Coach ergo hobo

  2. Hamptons patchwork

  3. Coach Soho hobo

  4. New signature tote

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  1. I just posted this on another thread. I generally carry black and brown bags and some color bags in the s/s. But now I want to get out of that this year but i can't decide which bag i want to carry. The first one i will buy will be Coach. Help me decide! Please!:confused1: :heart: :nuts: Oh which ever one i choose will be one of many bags that i buy for the s/s.
  2. Get anything Ergo. The line is so beautiful and you will carry it for years to come. I also broke out of the brown bag mold by purchasing a Ergo Turquoise Large Hobo and a medium sized Ergo Hobo. I also have the Ali Bag in white. Get at least two Spring/Summer Bags. That's what I did.
  3. I'm just back from the boutique and saw the green hobo - it was beautiful. I actually didn't care for the way the ergo hobo draped but I loved the tote and ordered one in turquoise and threw in the scarf print wristlet to match. If you like the Ergo hobo, I agree you should get 2 - the green hobo and Ergo hobo.
  4. Ergo is so cute and because it is such a classic, I believe it will be more useful!!!
  5. The Ergo is a classic choice that should last for years. Love my white hobo!
  6. i love the ergo hobo!! so that naturally got my vote!! plus like katriese said its classic!!
  7. I love both the Ergo and the Pear Signature! Polling people is a good idea too.
  8. I'd advise you to try on the ergo first and if you like it, purchase it. I didn't like it myself but many other gals here do. There is the ergo tote too which is gorgeous with the striped lining! As a second choice, I like the green signature hobo. So cute!
  9. I'd go with the turquoise ergo. Beautiful bag!
  10. The turquoise Ergo is a beautiful color, but after trying a couple styles on I don't like the line as much as I thought I would. And maybe I'm a bit biased since I decided green was my new favorite color, but the pear Soho bags are soooo pretty!! I thing the pear sig hobo may be my next purchase.
  11. I voted for the Coach Soho Hobo!

    I just bought the one in baby blue at the outlet!
  12. oh nooooooooo i can't decide! hahaha. i like 3 out of the 4 bags! the coach patchwork hobo, not so much!
  13. I say either the lime green signature bag or the Ergo would be great for summer. I think both of those would have staying power - so that you could use them again as well.
  14. I voted for the Ergo; love the color and the shape.
  15. I like the sig tote, but not with that stripe....sig seems more summery to me.