Spring and Autumn Bags

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  1. Hi all

    Here's a selection of bags from my closet...(a few others are with my mom and sister so they are not in the picture)

    The bags on the left are for Fall/Winter, while those on the right are for Spring/Summer.....

  2. Wow, great pics!!!
  3. That is such a wonderful collection! I can't decide which one I love hte most, I love them all!
  4. wow!!!! i love each one of them! they are all so pretty!!! just lovely
  5. Gorgeous, Archangel! This pic makes me want to branch out into some color!!!! Stunning bags!!!!!!
  6. beautiful collection! love the colors!
  7. You have a great collection.
    I really want some color too...

  8. OMFG !!!! I love the SS colours :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    WHats the blue ? Is it turqoiuse ???
    The pink = fuschia
    green = vert anis ???
  9. Blue = Blue Jeans
    Green = Vert anis
    Pink = Fuchsia

    Brown box kelly with cyclamen piping
    Tricolor HAC (raisin, brique and havane) Color combo really pops in IRL but lighting is a tad greyish due to the weather
  10. OMG!!!!! I love your bags!!! :nuts: :love:

    Oh ... when will I have 6 bags?!!:shame:
  11. arch, what a lovely collection! we should start a thread sorting out our fall/winter and S/S bags........with pics, of course!

    i love that new 28 HAC!
  12. Love your colors!!
  13. your collection is wonderful!! love them all!!!
  14. i am loving all the bags, especially the BJ... so lovely..
  15. NICE!!! love ur color choices!! soooo pretty!!!!!