Spring Act II NM San Antonio

  1. NM in San Antonio received a ton of stock this week... sm madisons in lambskin, classics with new chain, lucky charms med classic 2.55, soft handle collection, Timeless ziptop with new chain, chelsea sm clutch, LBC patent bowler, denim coco cabas just to name a few:yahoo:
  2. Yea! I hope to get in next week to see.
  3. Can you please post a pic of the lucky charms 2.55? Thanx
  4. pls post pic of chelsea sm clutch

  5. [​IMG]
    This is the black one, there is also a dark silver available which I happen to like better
  6. How much is it? Also, what accessories are in stock at NM SA? Thanks!
  7. [​IMG]
    As available in black pantent and strap in removable
  8. chelsea sm clutch, LBC patent bowler...what's this two look like???
  9. The chelsea small clutch is the one above in gold and the bowler that San Antonio NM has is the navy pantent bowler which is gorgeous!!!!!
  10. how much is the luck charms 2.55 and the navy patent bowler?

    thx Steph!
  11. thanks for the pic:smile:

    do they have a phython in a small/baby size classic flap?
  12. what color python?
  13. any neutral....black, dark silver or metallic as long its mini/small size flap/clutch with chains

  14. I'll check for you:smile:
  15. tnx!:smile: pm me for the info.