Spring Accessories Collection Catalogue - no pics- don't hate me...

  1. First I received the gold metallic Bay from DHL earlier in the morning WHILE I was on the phone with Susie and we had a mutual rush from that familiar 'opening the box' high. I love it but I don't think I will keep it because....

    Later on when the regular mail came there was a peculiar hand written large envelop containing a Chloe brochure for Spring! The SA that I worked with from the Bal Harbour boutique sent a note inviting me and my 'friends' (that means YOU ALL) to come view their magnificent spring and summer collection.

    There were great pictures of some of the newest bags and jewelry and footwear and then there was a folded up insert with a couple dozen outfits with coordinating footwear and bags. When you see the full image displayed like this you understand the charm so much more. Has anybody seen the Maya strap 'bumbag' in vermillion? Or the round zipped Saskia tote in 'egg sheepskin'? - this one is remniscent of the large Edith bowler and looks fantastic on! The Paddy in the shiniest silver metallic with the lucite lock is totally glam. I LOVED - especially for Susie - the large Nancy clutch in aquafresh. Maybe I love it enough for myself! and their pic of the Pigalle Bay has decided me that WHEN I get a quilted Bay - not if - I will get this color or vermillion.

    Also listed on the back page were many more Chloe distributors than are listed on the website. I did NOT see Diabro or LVR, though. Admittedly I did not see my Neiman Marcus here in St. Louis MO, though, either...

    I so wish I knew how to get these pics on here so that we could all 'talk amongst ourselves'. Anybody else more computer savvy get one in the mail as well?
  2. Darn! Do you work in an office? Those big fancy copiers scan things in now and you can email it to yourself, then upload the pics.

  3. :smile:Hey Div, Welcome home !!! Really enjoyed your posts from Italy:tup:.

    Now, down to business....which style gold metallic Bay was it in the end ? The Rose 'Or' or the Sacoche colour with contrasting zip pulls ? How many bags are you currently juggling and which ones will stay and which will you send on their merry way ?

    I've seen the SS08 Chloe brochure :drool: which may yet spur me into action if Irene doesn't get back to me soon about the new stock :sweatdrop:. The Pigalle quilted Bay is calling to me loud and clear :love:and I think I deserve a pick-me-up:yes: after the Elvire debacle ( which is STILL not solved...more of that in my original thread on the subject).I've sold another one of my Bay collection (the Patent Black...I didn't really need two Black Bays and it was a bit of an impulse purchase) in anticipation of a Pigalle purchase.

    I didn't see the vermillion colour Bay in my copy of the brochure. In fact come to think of it, the violet quilted Bay on the Matches website wasn't in my brochure either. I wonder if there are different brochures for the US and UK maybe :confused1:?
  4. Sadly I am not working these days and do not have access to good machines. And my kids are all gone and they were my built in geek squad.
  5. Tag - I wasn't too clear on the details. We HAVE seen the same catalogue. I was remembering the vermillion Bay I saw in person at LVR. I also saw the pigalle Bay there as well and I really cannot say which color I adore more. Meanwhile - I AM keeping the gold Bay with the contrast handles. You will understand after you read my comment - if you do - you don't HAVE to - LOL! - in Maria's post about her collection of Chloes. I was going to return both my Bays but fate stepped in...

    Meanwhile - you absolutely DO deserve a break and I "feel" it coming your way. What we need to have happen is that Sacoche will MARK DOWN the pigalle right after they get it in. Don't laugh - they've done it before.
  6. I'ld love to have a look in the broschure myself. I can imagine how the SA would look by the way if you came to the event with the whole Chloe forum and we were all like :yahoo::nuts::happydance:
  7. Div: Welcome back! If you can manage to get the SA to mail me a catalog, I can scan that the post the photos. In the meantime, I will try to get my hands on a catalog from Chloe boutique here this weekend.
  8. Girls - this SA seems to like us! She has figured out the power of this website so I am sure she wouldn't mind sending out another brochure. I'll check if she has an email? Ah HAH! - Here it is on her card: BALHARBOUR@CHLOE.COM

    I will send it her way. Oh wait - I can't since my email isn't working. I can read them but I can't send any?!
  9. I fired off an email requesting to be added to the mailing list, let's see what happens....
  10. Sorry, Div....I hate you. I know you told me not to, but I can't help myself.:roflmfao:
  11. ^Et TU IMON! First Maria and now you! Waaaah!
  12. ^ I only hate you because you are be-u-t-fullll dear :greengrin:. Oh, and because you did not sneak me in your pants to Italy:devil:. I will love you again tomorrow, but not today.:hysteric::roflmfao: