Spring 2014 Mixed Polish Exchange (Round 10) Reveals

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  1. Here's some basic info, as a quick go-to reminder during the exchange:

    Original Sign-Up thread, complete w. all of the rules!

    Once each of you receives the polish box, please PM me a valid email address that you would like to use to access the Polish Inventory spreadsheet. Once I've given you access, you'll be receiving an email at that address that provides some directions for the box, as well as a link to the inventory spreadsheet. You'll have access to the inventory sheet from the time you receive the box until the next person receives the box, so be sure to update it within that time frame. Once the next person has the box, your permissions to access the document will be removed.

    Here’s a quick “how to” for viewing and editing a google document:
    If you have a google account/gmail.com email address
    Click the link, make sure you are signed into your google account, and view/edit the document. Everything saves automatically as you make changes.

    If you do not have a google account/gmail.com address:
    Click the link. Google will require you set up a google account using your non-google email address (don’t worry, they don’t seem to send extra/unwanted emails; in fact the only time I’ve ever received an email regarding the google account attached to my non-gmail email was when I forgot what password I associated with the account). Click the SIGN UP button in the upper right corner. Once you are signed up, you should be signed in and able to access the document. From there, it’s just like a regular Excel spreadsheet. Plus you now have the added bonus of being able to use google docs in the future for whatever.

    And finally, the official shipping order:

    If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to PM me or ask within this thread. This exchange is all about having fun, while re-homing our unloved polishes and falling in love with others!
  2. Here's an update on Iluvbags' selections:

    China Glaze Agro - from Thithi
    Zoya Bailey - from Tgirl25
    Butter London Diamond Geezer - from Joy&LV
    Butter London The Full Monty - from Joy&LV
    RBL Opaque Nude - from ArtieMD
    Julep Amelia - from JennaLovesBags
    Julep Glenn - from OANHderful
    Julep Gloria - from *want it all*
    Julep Gweneth - from Kapster
    Julep Isla - from TygerKitty
    Julep Laura - from TygerKitty
    Julep Lauren - from thithi
    Julep Leslie - from Tygerkitty
    Julep Morgan - from TexaninPA
    Julep Nikki - from Tygerkitty
  3. And now for mine!

    Gosh Mystery Night - from Iluvbags
    Julep Charlotte - from Tygerkitty
    Zoya Tru - from Star15rn
    China Glaze Pelican Gray - from *wantitall*
    Butter London British Racing Green - from Tgirl25
    Piggy Polish Embrace Adventure - from Karheart
    Zoya Mitzi - from Tygerkitty
    Striping tape rolls - from Tgirl25

    I'm loving the mix of colors selected. I definitely think my purple selections are a direct result of me wanting spring weather to be here already. Thank you ladies for donating these pretties so I could add them to my collection!

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  4. Great picks, Ashley!! Glad one of mine went to a good home.
  5. YAY! Can't wait to get started!
  6. Is it still Julep for Julep? Just want to make sure of the rules
  7. Wonderful picks! Glad you got alot of great stuff this round!
  8. Yay, can't wait - -
  9. Great picks. Glad you liked one of mine. Just wasn't right for me. Enjoy!
  10. Great picks!

  11. Thanks. It's very professional for the workplace. I like it a lot
  12. Yep, either take a julep and replace it with a julep or a Tier 4+ ($11 and up) polish. After Iluvbags went through, there aren't many Juleps left, though, as she replaced with other brands.
  13. Pretty choices! I can't wait to see all the reveals!
  14. Awesome. Didn't see it in the rules and I am not fond so wanted to make sure... Thanks
  15. She had some nice choices!

    Mitzi looks like a great color. Why, oh why, don't you wear well on me Zoya? I'm ready for spring weather too. Winter has been ridiculous.