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    Detail is also obscured on all sites. I just recieved my D'escargots in the while/grey colorway and will post pics tomorrow.

    On another note, I find it interesting that I read so many hard hitting criticism of this season's releases and I watched today's releases online fly off the screen. On the US.online, several colorways for D'escargots were gone so fast, I couldn't even open up to see large pic. Many more designs with had the same fate--good for H. Doesn't look like economy is slowing down online????
  2. Am I off to suggest wine or deep purple/burgandy???
  3. Sparklelisab, you make a valid and interesting point---Unless H made like 10 of each design! (To practice JIT--just in time inventory--you restock only when you sell out. That way H doesn't overinvest in making the less popular designs, they create excitement (people want what they can't have) and they have fewer "less desirable" designs left over to stock the H U.S. site at the end of the season!

    But I'm too cynical.
  4. textile - I love your mousse. You pick such unique and interesting patterns and scarves.
    sparklelisab - I am also amazed how quickly scarves are disappearing. From years past, I remember that the first ones just fly off the website and then a little into the season things cool down. I love too many of this season's designs. Am struggling so much to narrow them down. TR in 05 (your c/w) or 06 (which I am so drawn to but at the same time have so many pinks already).

  5. I know Maedi! As you know, I am a new scarfy, but I find myself watching the screen, saying, "are you kidding me?" The world is in financial crisis and $400.00-1000.00 scarves are flying off the monitor... Anyway, back to your 400.00 decision. For Tressors Retrouve 05, you get your pink hems. Personal preference of course, but I "was" looking for my perfect fuchsia/pink scarf to match a cdc, and thought TR in the 06 colorway was her, but the red contrast border sunk this one for me. Just doesn't work--why not white, or light pink, but the red, to me, killed the pink, AND I adore pink, red and orange together so I don't know what my problem is/was. Good luck, and as you saw, better grab one fast if you want one! Good Golly!
  6. Cynical?? Or precisioned business thinking/minded? What company has potential buyers stalking the website, calling stores all over the continent on which they live, paying above retail to resellers??? Hello??? Hermes is brilliant and they know just what they are doing. And if they tick someone off with their voodoo magic supply and demand methodoly of how to get a bag or cdc or scarf, ten more fledglings jump on board. But, heck, I just want a new scarf. ;)
  7. Honestly I've been surprised at how limited the new season scarf rollout has been on U.S. H.com compared to recent years. Silk inventory seems as low as in other areas of Hermes.
  8. sparklelisab - we just crossed threads :smile: Thank you so much for your thoughts. I actually love the red border but already have Fairytales, Le Pegase, J'aime mon carre and Cheval H in bright pink. My heart is drawn to 06 and my mind tells me 05. What luxurious (not :p) puzzle to solve.
  9. :lol: Me, too!
  10. Cosmopolitan, This is so true. I noticed in the last couple of years that not all the new scarves were listed about the same time, instead, they were staggered. I think Zaba was one of those that showed up on the web site well after the season had started.
    Because the scarf can sell either because of the design or the color, so if they stagger release, people may buy thinking that they won't have any other options, even tho the scarf isn't exactly what they wanted. To put it more clearly, we don't get to see the whole selection at once. H is basically a tease.

    Or as Sparkleslisab indicated, it's voodoo merchandising--making zombies of us all!
  11. Arbe pochette 1.jpg

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    Arbe pochette 3.jpg
  12. Sparkle - your collection is beefing up nicely!! I wonder if you've found you have a favourite scarf within your posse of silks or do you find its always the one most recently acquired that is the most ardently loved?

    Really look forward to seeing this Reves d'Escargots modelled on you: maybe I will prise open my purse strings this season after all.....maybe....

    I also observed, with a wry smile, that new stock is hardly hanging fire despite the initial adverse responses to the new season designs and to the substantial (unsustainable, not, it would seem - alas for us lesser mortals) price rises. Or maybe the whole of the States is on a buying frenzy before the increase hits you. Europe already had the tsunami of price rises when I was not expecting it back in early January.... plus our online choices are far more restricted.
  13. Right, my point was, it's easy to make it look like the new scarves are flying off the shelves when seemingly there are fewer of them on the shelves to begin with.
  14. Anyone knows where I can see the full colourways of CSMC? I can't seem to find them apart from a few of those that our members took the pictures of...