........ Spring 2012 scarves ........

  1. merrydish

    glad you got one! I agree with your observations about the t-shirt scarf, including getting another if the design and color were suitable. These are nifty. Is this the first time H has done a t-shirt scarf?
  2. Thanks, La Vie en Rose!

    No, Hermes has issued the t-shirt scarf before....but not many. One I remember is Madame et M. which comes up on eBay once in a while.
  3. thank you frou frou! I will PM you.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. We just got back from vacation. :biggrin: Congratulations on your new scarf! :yahoo: Have you received it yet? I absolutely love the scarf but i can't bring myself to wear it. We're living in London for a couple of years, and this is the perfect souvenir for our time here. I don't want to risk ruining it. :shucks:
  5. hi kawainekko -- yes I have received it -- love the beige and pinks together. Aren't the colours super?

    It looks so nice IRL.
  6. Can i ask did anyone receive the little scarf booklet which gives the descriptions of each design sorry dont know the proper name, didnt receive it when my scarf booklet came in post and have never seen it in store has Hermes stopped it this year, really missed it as i love to read the descriptions of the scarfs.
  7. They did produce them :yes:

    They don't always give them out, whenever I buy for a present I always ask for the scarf stories booklet. Maybe they didn't have any left, for H I know it must the tail-end of the season.
  8. Thank you papertiger, maybe my store didnt get many as i have asked many times but never have any
  9. Le Robinson chic:


  10. Very very special scarf, look like 3D to me, love it so much! :smile:
  11. I have this in the green CW and was just in Ireland and they had the Robinson Chic in the green on their wall of the Boutique. This scarf is going to be a classic~be glad you have one!
  12. As I bid adieu to the s/s collection with these, I look forward to fall!

    cheval de mer 1.jpg

    cheval de mer 2.jpg

    guepards 1.jpg

    guepards 3.jpg

    guepards 4.jpg
  13. My sa says that all of the s/s 2012 pieces have not fully arrived in the US so I hope you don't mind my late to the party shawl. I have been obsessing over this shawl for two months; however, I have been living in a hammock on Ban Island. But last week, I could not help myself and made a few calls. Here she is: Thalassa in a cw I haven't seen posted. Thanks for letting me share.
    Chloe 009.JPG Chloe 010.JPG Chloe 011.JPG Chloe 013.JPG Chloe 017.JPG
  14. SparkleL!
    you naughty girl! escaped Ban Island!!!! but I can clearly understand why, this is a gorgeous C/W!!!
    Congratulations!!!! Im happy and celebrating for/with you... (from far away in the high mountains of this B-Island) lol

    My Local H has still not gotten most of the announced ss 2012 pieces!...