Spring 2012 Mommies (March - May)

  1. Well, that's part of the struggle for me. I don't want to quit. And she shows no signs of wanting to quit. But because of her allergies , i have nothing suitable to switch her to but soy formula, which is stinky and expensive. I just don't get everyone's opposition. Im the one doing all the work, so what's the big deal??

    Not to mention, part of my job entails teaching other women to work through anti-breastfeeding sentiments and encouraging them to do so for two years since that's best for baby. Not sure I could do that in good conscious knowing that I couldn't do it myself.
  2. My gosh Story has the most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen!!!!

    I too am starting to think about cutting back on the BF but really have no idea how and Emily shows no interest in solids. Just had our 9 month visit and she is only 13 lbs 11 oz and doctor told me to feed her high fat foods :sad: didn't seem overly concerned but now I'm stressed out!
  3. Hmmmm.... maybe everyone is suggesting you stop because you've vocalized that it is hard work that you are taking on alone? I'm just playing devil's advocate here - maybe they think they are being helpful by suggesting ways you can share the burden.
  4. It's my baby girl's 10 month birthday today....where has the time gone???? Here are some pictures of my "big" girl:


    Our trip to Mexico was a huge success! She was such a good baby the whole time and handled the flights like a pro (even the return flight during night sleep time and over 6 hours long ugh).
    Loves loves loves yams but doesn't like them coming out so we have been mixing them with coconut milk to keep things moving.
    Still no crawling or teeth. But may have 2 by Easter as there are definitely 2 coming up on the bottom. New thing is the standing and has forgotten all about saying Ma Ma and everything is Da Da Da now.
    Will be spending the next 2 months adjusting to the idea of returning to work :sad: and planning her 1st Birthday party. Thinking we are going to do a caterpillar theme with this cake:


    What's everyone else up too?
  5. Hi ladies..... It is so great to see all of the bubbas looking so grown up! Maxwell had his first birthday on Good Friday..... I can't believe he is one already, the time has flown. He is walking..... And climbing all over the place! We have just had allergy tests..... He is allergic to dairy, so he is on soy formula now, and I just bought a thermomix so I can make dairy free meals for us all.... Hubbies hates soy, so trying other things.... Almond,rice and coconut milk and trying to be gluten free too. Love to hear from any of you facing similar cooking issues.

    I've attached a piccie of max with the play equipment we bought with his birthday money....our friends were so generous! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1364812539.429707.jpg
  6. Beautiful babies, ladies!!!
  7. Where has the time gone?!?

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1365428680.038076.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1365428694.678709.jpg

  8. Story is allergic to dairy too. And strawberries. The dairy free thing is really not very hard once you get used to no cheese. Just cover everything in lots of toppings and you won't even notice its not there (pizza, nachos)! Most other dairy replacers taste exactly like the real thing, like soy cream cheese or almond milk yogurt. We've been learning a lot about how bad dairy is for everyone. My dad just got put on a dairy free diet to fix his high blood pressure, and he's off his meds after only 4 months! He lost 20 pounds. If you have any q's about substituting, just let me know. Only bummer is that we have to make most desserts at home now lol.
  9. It's crazy that we are all already looking at ONE YEAR! Our babies grew too fast!! Story is fast approaching 11 months, so I'm planning her birthday party. We did a cake smash photo shoot for her invitations. She HATED the cake!! Our photographer did an amazing job though, so you can hardly tell.
    cake1.jpg cake2.jpg
  10. WOW such beautiful pictures of Vincent and Story!!! Can't believe our tiny babes are soon to be one either :sad: Great invitations....what's everyone planning for the big day?

    Exciting news at our house - Emily finally cut her first 2 teeth (bottom right then bottom left) this week! Hopefully now we all can get some much needed sleep lol.

    And just tonight she finally got up on her hands and knees in a crawling position. No rocking or forward movement yet but I really hope she takes her time as I already can't keep up with her ;)
  11. It's official! Story is walking! My husband and I were lucky enough to both be home to see her take those first few steps.

    How are all our spring 2012 babies doing?
  12. That's fantastic! Way to go!!

    Vincent has been slow to walking - I'm not sure if it's because we haven't encouraged it enough or he's just stubborn. But we KNOW he can, he just hasn't made the decision that he will.

    He has just started (yesterday!) taking a few steps between my husband and I.
  13. Emily is 1 year old today!!! Can not believe it! Thought I would be super emotional today but I'm doing okay...think it's because she is still very much a baby (not walking, not sttn, still only 2 teeth, still mostly ebf etc).

    Having her party on Sunday, will try and post some pics after.

  14. Happy Birthday, baby girl!!!

  15. Alright, ladies!! How are we all doing with our toddlers??? I can't believe how much Vincent has grown and where we are at with his development. He is hitting milestones left and right and communicates so wonderfully (English, Spanish and baby sign) - we are so proud!!