Spring 2012 Mommies (March - May)

  1. Thanks love...it's 5/28/2012 :biggrin::biggrin:
  2. mustluvbags 3/8/12
    cheyenne1 3/8/12
    blondee178 3/25/12
    aslan 4/11/12
    starqueen_78 4/12/12
    sarahloveslouis 4/18/12
    heartmymjs 5/28/12 :heart: sorry, dear!!
  3. Hello ladies!
    Its been such a busy week for me...but had my 15w scan & told its Boy #3. :biggrin: I was told a week earlier than in the past but the tech seemed pretty confident in her assessment. Some are saying 15w is still too soon so i will wait for my next u/s 4 confirmation...but until then, I'm team blue!!!
  4. Keep us updated! :biggrin:
    Congrats! 15 weeks is totally not too early if you have an experienced u/s tech. Boys are so much fun...I'm hoping for blue this time around! :biggrin:
  5. It's okay!! :hugs:
  6. :shrugs:
    Thank you!!! She actually wasn't very experienced - she got another tech to finish taking measurements half-way through b/c baby was being difficult...other tech finished in minutes what was taking her an hour to do! :p But she seemed like she was sure of the gender & she looked a few times. I agree boys are great & dad is beyond happy to have a house full of boys.

    You can definitely have all my boy making magic!!! After this, I'll be ready for team pink!! :p
  7. Awwwww a house full of boys - your washing machine thanks you. :graucho:

    I'm hoping for a girl. There have been a LOT of boys born into this universe in the past year or so and it's time for some girls to balance out the world. I'm thrilled either way, though, and have already bought a few (not toooooo many) outfits for girls and for boys. I'm so anxious already to start buying the big stuff.

    Since this is our first, we are starting from SCRATCH.
  8. Hahaha...luckily laundry is Dad's only chore! Although I imagine he will start complaining really soon as the clothes start piling up. :lol:

    Initially I was hoping for girl...since I already have 2 boys but another boy is just as nice! Its funny b/c among people I know irl & mommies on another board...I'm one of the very very few having a boy. Seems like this year is all about the girls...so you have a good shot! :graucho:

    Luckily I have so much of my LO's things that I wont need to do much shopping. But I still cant wait to pick up a few things. :biggrin:
  9. Congrats on your team blue!! :smile:
  10. Hi Ladies,
    I'm so excited to find this thread!
    I am pregnant with baby #3... our daughter is 12 and son is 10. We are so excited to start all over again! We have absolutely nothing and my things have changed in 10 years!
    I am due on March 21st. We find out pink or blue on Tuesday. I can't wait to find out though we are totally fine either way!
  11. Welcome KDB - how exciting to find out what you are having! I can't wait either!

    My bloods came back from the NT scan with a 1 in 4350 risk - so totally low thank goodness! Just another thing I don't need to worry about. Now If I can just get rid of the horrible gas I have been having.............erg. I must remind myself not to eat cabbage!
  12. Just got done with our first U/S appointment!

    Baby's HB was a solid 172bpm :heart:

    A little wiggly and so surreal!
  13. Welcome, KDB!!!!! Congratulations!
  14. Awwww congrats! It is a great feeling isn't it!
  15. mustluvbags 3/8/12
    cheyenne1 3/8/12
    kdb 3/21/12 .... welcome to the list, KDB! :hugs:
    blondee178 3/25/12
    aslan 4/11/12
    starqueen_78 4/12/12
    sarahloveslouis 4/18/12
    heartmymjs 5/28/12