Spring 2011 "Book" purses

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  1. Spotted these on the blog - any idea how much they are or what they're called? I've got my fingers crossed that I may actually be able to afford one:love:

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  2. I haven't seen those before but I like them! Hopefully someone will have information on them!
  3. I hope someone knows something, because I desperatly want one!
  4. Ooh nice!
  5. Not something I would wear... but I gotta admit is does look really vintage and cool!
  6. :nuts:What an interesting idea for a purse!
  7. As a book geek this one appeals to me.
  8. i like the nail polish, anyone knows what the color is called?
  9. what a cute bag. I hope someone chimes in soon with info about the price and when it will be available
  10. They are my favourite too!! Hope a tpf-ers can shed some light!
  11. I'd like to know too! It's the first thing I noticed heh. But yes they're mysterious bags, I'd love to see more pics
  12. As a librarian and book lover, I'd absolutely LOVE one of those!!!!
  13. So cute!
  14. How interesting! I didn't even notice them before. I'm looking forward to more pics.

    As for the nail polish, it can't possibly be a current color, but in my screen it looks really similar to khaki vert? Maybe it will be a new color similar to khaki vert?
  15. I believe it is "Black Pearl" a fantastic nail lacquer which will be part of the Spring/Summer makeup collection, due out in January 2011 (probably earlierin the US, December I believe)