Spring 2010 Paris couture show pics

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  1. Chanel's couture show is available to see on style.com

    lovely in silvery white, shine, and sugar almond colours. The evening wear is really beautiful and wearable (if anyone can afford it and would be granted admission to the CCCC (Coco Chanel Couture Club).


    Any outfit you want to see just click on and it will (hopefully) pop up.

    Personally I'm not sure about the scowly faces but that's just me :biggrin:
  2. I can't really see Princess Caroline of Hanover (and Monaco) and her daughter Charlotte wearing any of that. They're usually big Chanel wearers.
  3. gorgeous
  4. Thanks for sharing ;)
  5. Pleasure Kuromi ^

    I think alot of those 'skirt' suits are actually shorts suits.
  6. Thanks for sharing. The shorts suits are so unique!
  7. Goodies from the Chanel S/S Haute Couture show.....wanna them all !!!:P

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  8. ^I LOVE those shoes! :nuts:
  9. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Such beautiful fashion! I can't stand it :heart::love::heart:
  11. karl wokr magic each time