Spring 2009 Patchwork

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  1. Does anyone know if Coach is coming out with a 2009 Spring Patchwork style? If so, does anyone have any pics yet? :smile:
  2. There is a pilot patchwork at some of the boutiques. The pink mini skinny I've posted here so far only comes in the skinny and in a wristlet. There is also a white patchwork that is also in a satchel and a cross-body type of bag.

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  3. How Cute-Love the Pink !!!!:love:
  4. Thanks! I'm hoping the pilot patchworks do well and they produce this color in a bag.
  5. That's the first patchwork I really liked! I hope it comes in a bag too!
  6. The patchwork bags are my favorite. I hope it does get released
  7. Patchwork is what got me started with Coach in the first place... Those 07 summmer patchwork bags were sooo cute.... they made me spend $400 on a single bag, which was a fortune for me at that time, but i never regrettet it :smile:
  8. ^^^Same with me except it was a winter 2005 or 2006 holiday bag...can't quite remember. I turned it in for repair a couple of years ago and received full credit. Patchwork isn't always the hardiest of Coach bags.
  9. The 2007 Patchwork bags are what got me addicted to Coach too-I fell in love with the Fall 07 Patchwork Gallery Tote and that was the first Coach I bought. Since then the Patchwork Prints are my favs by far and I've still kept the following:

    '07 Summer Indigo Patchwork Satchel
    '07 Fall Patchwork Gallery Tote
    '08 Hamptons Black Patchwork Satchel
    '08 Black Tonal Patchwork Bleecker
    '08 Black Tonal Patchwork Swingpack

    I'm looking for the '07 Indigo Patchwork Mini-Crossbody on E-bay, but I keep getting outbid. I really like this new pink print-I hope they make a large bag in this style :tup:
  10. Oh I like it! Thanks for posting it :yahoo:
  11. Im not sure about a Srpring patchwork line but
    I just ordered the Holiday 08 Patchwork med. duffle. I cant wait to get it! It will be perfect for spring!