Spring 2009 Collection from Beverly Hills

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  1. Here are some new bags from the BH Miu Miu boutique that Ashley had sent me. Enjoy!

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  2. here are some more...

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  3. I like the first one! but it doesn't look like it has a zipper...thanks for posting!!!!! :yahoo:
  4. ok last batch!

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  5. Love the bright pink tote!
  6. On a ban for now too! I will hold off until the next round of sales but they look delicious!
  7. I'm going to wait for the sales also but some of those are really tempting. I love the studded purses and the pink tote! Thanks for posting!
  8. Any idea if the coffers shown are original size or medium size?
  9. They are the smaller ones i'd think.
    Here are the prices if anyones interested..
    Renato from BH also sent them to me.

    Spring 09 Delivery 001.jpg Shiny mini coffer black/white $1095
    Spring 09 Delivery 002.jpg Metelasse mini coffer bruciato/malva/corallo $1360
    Spring 09 Delivery 003.jpg Metalasse Lux shopper mughetto/agave/sughero $1250
    Spring 09 Delivery 004.jpg Nappa Patch Tote juta/cobalto $1695
    Spring 09 Delivery 005.jpg Nappa Patch Draw tote bleu $1750
    Spring 09 Delivery 006.jpg new Nappa Charms black/agave $1350
    Spring 09 Delivery 007.jpg Vitello vintage tote black/soia $1295
    Spring 09 Delivery 008.jpg Vitello vintage bauletto black $1195
    Spring 09 Delivery 009.jpg Vitello vintage sacca ibisco/rosso/black $950
    Spring 09 Delivery 010.jpg Vitello Vintage Shopper black $1295
    Spring 09 Delivery 012.jpg Vitello Vintage bauletto ibisco $1250
    Spring 09 Delivery 013.jpg Nappa borchie rosso/black $1250
    Spring 09 Delivery 014.jpg Vitello vintage mancini soia $1150

    The multicoloured coffers are gorgeous though.. sigh im banned now too
  10. Sorry, i just realised its not exactly the same as the pics that were sent to me.
    Look at the names for reference, I'd guess.
  11. oooh ! love the mini coffers !
  12. thanks for the pricing baglicious!! :tup:
  13. omg an orange coffer, i so have to check this out!
  14. Thanks for posting pics and prices!
  15. [​IMG]
    Love this! What is the name of this beauty and does anyone know if it comes in other colors? TIA!