Spring 2008 - What do you Think of the Bag in a Bag?

  1. I saw these on the runway during September's Fashion Week. What does everyone think of these new "Bags in a Bag"?? Has anyone seen them IRL yet? According to the MJ website, they're called "Seirfima" - Are they really 2-Bags-In-1, or is the smaller bag just an image on the larger transparent bag? (I kinda like the brown one, in the lower right corner)

    Leave it to MJ to come up with an idea like this!!

  2. I think especially those with the red bag look very cute ...
    But would I buy them? No ;).
  3. I think that last one would make a cute funky spring/summer bag but I personally
    wouldn't pay a lot of $ for it. Too many other MJ bags I'm in love with. Now if some one gave it to me - yes I'd definitely use it!
  4. IMO, ridiculous :tdown::tdown::tdown:
  5. i like the blue one (top right) and the brown (bottom right), but i dont think i'd ever buy it. there are so many other classics i'd rather own.
  6. ^^I think the blue one is just okay, but definitely nothing I'd spend my money on. I'm with most of you, there are too many other bags I'd rather buy.
  7. I think we're going to be seeing a lot of these on the sale tables come June/July!!!!!
  8. OMG! I just saw these bags on the luisavaiaroma website and some of them are more than $2000!!! There's no description, sbut there are addtl pics of the back & sides - the smaller bag is actually attached to the front of the bag!!! (Yuck!):tdown:. They also give different names (the MJ site just calls them "Seirifima", "Large Seirifima", "Small Seirifima") - they're called "Robert Shoulder Bag" and "Duffy Shoulder Bag". There was another picture of a pretty color combination.

  9. Fun to look at in pictures and on the runway, but totally impractical for the everyday woman's needs. I mean, stuff you put in the larger bag would be banging against the prettier bag inside and ruining it. Also, who wants to open two bags all the time to get into the subway, etc? Or, is the idea that you use them as separate bags? If that's the case why not let us mix and match -- what if we don't want those two particular bags?

    Sometimes, especially this season, I think Marc Jacobs is smoking something he shouldn't be. :shrugs:I still love him, however. Watch, I'll get obsessed with one of these and buy it. LOL.
  10. Here are a few more pics that shows how the smaller bag is actually attached to the front of the larger bag - Apparently the bags are made of goat leather & fabric, I guess to make lighter. I still think they're so impractical!!!

  11. there's those frog clasps that everyone's been asking about!!
  12. I would not spend money on any of them!!
  13. :s The bags aren't really my style. The froggy clasps are adorable though!
  14. That 40K bag Marc designed for LV was ridiculous enough, these bags are ugly!