Spring 2008 Scarves

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  1. I took a look at a book my S.A. had for spring scarves.

    Its all very Indian theme just like the runway.

    All very bright colors and they are re-issuing things that are very Indian.

    I can remember Astrology is a re-issue

    and scarves will go to $340 now instead of $340 after the first of the year. BOO.

    but anyway. I am holding off judgment until I see them.

    I do like a few but they kinda all have the same feel to them....rather than this season where there is alot of different looking things.

    but there ya go....I hope tods can get pics again like last time! that is fun!
  2. Ooh, did you see Rencontre Oceane? :nuts:

    I asked about new scarves yesterday and the SA told me they won't get them until Jan, no idea how accurate that is.
  3. my store is getting a few. they will start coming in...but i think they start sending one of the colorway really slowly for a bit.

    I don't think R.O is coming for spring. I had already asked.
  4. Good news: I LOVE Astrologie. I can never have enough cws altho i love what I have.

    Bad news: Price change NOW?! Bastids!
  5. I know right. why does it have to change that much. I mean I can take $5 or $10
  6. But GG, the price change in scarves are never by $5 or $10. It's usually by $25 so the actually price change aint bad. It's the IDEA and frequency of the price change I hate.
  7. yeah I agree $25 isn't bad but over time...not fun!

    so grab all your scarves before 2008!

    I hope i don't buy as many this spring as I did this fall. geez.
  8. well, I would like to get the NY Conservatory scarf and the Lafayette scarf under the wire. I havent bought a regular 90cm scarf all season because i have been saving up for next year.
    I LOVE, love the Indian and Japanese theme scarves. If H was going to reissue India, Poisie Persane, Splendors Maharaja or Chasse en Inde I would have camped out on their doorsteps. I think they probably knew that and that's why they didnt. :push:
  9. GG, thanks for the heads up :smile:

    do you know if they are continuing the size 70 cm scarves? i love the size...i'm not much of a scarf folder and the 70 cm just makes it easier for me! :biggrin:
  10. Has the price already increased?
  11. When I was in New York last month I asked the SA who was helping me if they were going to issue 70cm vintage scarves for the next season and she told me they were.
  12. Thank you for the info, GG! Looking forward to the new scarves, tho not the new price... :smile:
  13. what is the new price of the scarf?
  14. 340 starting in jan 08
  15. GAH!!!!! Thank God I'm limiting myself to 1color/1scarf. Not that THAT'S an easy thing to do......