Spring 2008 Release Date (Post Pics of Your Favs)

  1. Does anyone know when the Spring 2008 handbags will be available?!!!

    These are the ones I'm obsessing over:love:...
    2008 Spring - 01.jpg 2008 Spring - 02.jpg
  2. And this one...
    2008 Spring - 03.jpg
  3. Pretty colors - but I'm not loving the location of that mini padlock - I like it centered and it seems like a pretty random location to put it - maybe I would feel different after seeing it in person...

    Although I'm not crazy about any particular bag - I do like how they are wrapping the leather around the hardware strap connection (the circles) on some bags - like the Rose Venetia - pretty neat.
  4. i went to the mj boutique last night and saw two new bags that aren't featured on the official site. they looked completely different than any of the mj bags that have come out so far. no quilting, no pushlocks, brushed silver hardware, circular metal handles, and even a different chain. the only indication that it was a mj bag was a small silver metal plaque on the side of the bag.

    the leather was very interesting. it's hard to describe, but one was a light tan colored bag with specks of silver interspersed throughout. it looked like a distressed metallic bag. the other bag was black with silver metallic flecks similar to the first bag, and there was also a gradient effect with the leather where it was black calf leather on the first half and it switches over to suede on the bottom half, but you don't notice the change until you touch the bag because the metallic portions served to blend the two leathers together. it's very difficult to describe. i'm sorry i'm not doing the best job, but the bags looked really great. it's a big departure from what has been releasing for the past few seasons now.

    the first bag was $1695 and the second with the suede was $1995. both bags were very light and lined with canvas. i'm excited to see the rest of the spring line! :nuts:

  5. oooooooooh you should go back and sneak some pics for us. they sound beautiful!
  6. They sound gorgeous (esp since they look so different from the Stam!), but unfortunately those prices are wayyyy out of my league *Sigh* I finally thought I was going to get back carrying MJ bags, but if most of the bags are in that price range, I think I'll be admiring them from afar -

    So Sad:sad:
  7. Oooooo brushed silver - sounds very intriguing!
  8. Does anyone know when the Frog-clasp bags will be released, and what styles and colors will be available? Thanks! :flowers:


    (p.s. Sorry for repeating this question. I realized that the other thread I posted in dealt w/ last year's line :shame:smile:
  9. The Tan/Silver combo souds delish! What shapes were the bags? Totes? Satchels? Are there any pics anywhere of these styles??
  10. ^ both of them qualifies more as satchels than totes. the beige was e/w shaped while the black was n/s. i haven't seen any pictures anywhere online yet. i tried searching this weekend, but nothing.
  11. I am in love with the rose venetia, loovvee the way the handles are wrapped!! Would love to see one in person!!:yahoo::yes:
  12. Are they these by chance?

    I saw them on the NY Fashion Week runway show...
    2008 Spring - 04.jpg 2008 Spring - 05.jpg
  13. ^ no, although i love those. these were not bags featured on the runway.
  14. Some MBMJ Spring Pics... Thoughts?
    MBMJ 2007 Spring - 01.jpg MBMJ 2007 Spring - 02.jpg MBMJ 2007 Spring - 03.jpg MBMJ 2007 Spring - 04.jpg
  15. ^^No thanks!!