Spring 2008: MbMJ Totally Turnlock bags in pebbled leather again?

  1. The Resort collection offers Totally Turnlock bags made of pebbled leather, very different from the previous ones ... .

    Does anybody here know if this change will continue to happen with the Spring 2008 Totally Turnlock bags? Or will the older buttery soft leather come back?
  2. I know that the golden hardware is coming back again ... .
  3. and it will be shiny gold hardware, not brass!! i saw the lookbook a few weekends ago and pre ordered everything!
  4. Everything? hehehe. I want everything, too!!!
  5. Thanks yes.please, that is awesome info!! What did you think of the spring colors?

    I cannot wait to get a TT BOWLER!!! The fact that the leather is more pebbled looking doesn't bother me, I have a Lovely Aline and it is rather pebbly but it is very soft and smooshy!!
  6. I want the TT bowler in grass color! Will it com in this color?
  7. staciesg26- i thought everything was super cute- and i'm usually not a huge mbmj fan, i stick to collection- but everything was really classy and with clean designs. not as young as previous seasons. the colors were really nice, i dont remember all of them, but there is a "earth" color that was a fabulous brown and a kelly green, which with the gold hardware- oh i loved it! and a really cute blue. lots of great stuff.
  8. deborah4eva, i'm not sure if the grass color was the kelly green color- but the color i saw was similar to this.
  9. Oh, God! What a gorgeous color! I want it! I want it!
  10. You can look the grass color going to Marc Jacobs site and checking the Spring 2008 bags!
  11. Thanks for the details yes.please!! I can't wait to see them in person. Also, if anyone would like to get an idea of the brown, green and navy colors go to marcjacobs.com and look under the MBMJ spring 2008 bags and check out the restlyed Quinn and it also comes in the new spring colors. I just looked at it and I think I am gonna go with the Earth color in the bowler. The green and navy are beautiful too!! I already have 6 green bags tho!!

    edit:^^what debora4ever said-- we were on the same mission to look at the colors!! HAHA!
  12. 6 green bags? Wow! And I'm longing for ONLY ONE green bag! Wouldn't you sell one of your six? hehehe.
  13. i cannot wait to see the new colors. i got so caught up in the new mj bags, i forgot about mbmj! i might be in the market for a grass or midnight quinn.
  14. I'd really love a dylan in grass :greengrin:
  15. Me, too! I want a Dylan in grass color ... but it can also be a Quinn in grass golor!