Spring 2008 get ready for these weirdos!!

  1. Spring 2008 is coming and get ready for color and some strange purses!!

    D&G python miss easy bag-wtf?!!! I don't like the fact that its python and the colors all over the place are awful. The shape is eww it looks like a guitar. I think they were on something when they designed this purse.

    Same goes for the D&G Miss Brocade Romantique bag with python pockets-the shape and color is a bit better than the miss easy but what is up with the pockets? It looks like someone just badly glued them on. It would have looked so much better without them. Oy! D&G what are you thinking??!!

    LV Monogram bag-This bag reminds me of a child's bag or something. It kind of looks like a toy. I don't know if I'm disgusted or confused?

    Pierre Hardy Neoprene and Napa leather tote-whoa!! is that blue or what. Reminds me of art deco or something.
    168m.jpg 176m.jpg 279m.jpg 390m.jpg
  2. Oy vey, you weren't joking. Before I saw the pictures I though meh, everyone has different tastes, it's probably not that bad. I am a fan of python afterall. But after seeing those pictures, I stand corrected! You are right! These designers were obviously on a little wacky tobbacy!!
  3. I like Pierre Hardy, but I have definitely seen far better styles than that one; although, I'd actually like the colour, if it was in a soft suede, or nappa.

    The rest are fugly, no question about it, IMO. :blink:
  4. Oh I forgot to add these ones

    Christina Lacroix patent fluroescent technical duffel bag-super yuck!!

    Fendi Hand painted baguette-looks like a hippie parade

    Fendi embroidered paillettes and fringe-this looks like a sasquatch made it

    Fendi snakeskin baguette with circle embroidery-ewww I think I threw up a little bit. Fendi didn't get it right with the spy and these baguettes are NOT helping them out

    Hogan Pan Am bag-I think they went back to the 70's and stole this bag from the gym teacher or something
    133m.jpg 202m.jpg 208m.jpg 209m.jpg 259m.jpg
  5. They are all so hideous.

    And the new LV's look like Easter Eggs.

  6. OMG Bumblebees where did you find these?! :yucky: I'm sure some people would look at my collection and think the same thing - that's the beauty of having different tastes - but these are just weird. The D&G gives me a headache and the LV looks like a lunch tote.
  7. they're so hideous. i would never buy them :yucky:
  8. These bags leave me speechless:wtf:
  9. :throwup:

    This is why I stick to classics and never trends/seasonal (sometimes)...
  10. It's like Easter threw up all over them. That Christian Lacroix one might grow on me, though.
  11. im sure they will find owners that love them :smile: it just certainly wont be me
  12. I always stick to classics too I don't ever go for the trends. But seriously if these are trendy and popular I might shoot myself for not being able to understand why! I just can't wait to see who is going to carry these ugly things.
  13. I'm sorry- but i'm SO excited! This Spring is going to be new and exciting (i hope!) and i couldn't be happier!

    Personally, i'd only wear a couple of these.. i actually LOVE the LV, does anyone know the retail on this? And the Christian Locroix, minus the colour combo (electric pink and black is a bit predictable for me), is refreshingly unique. I'd rock it.
  14. I'm with you Sammydoll, I LOVE that LV! And I also kind of like the Lacroix one and the "Sasquatch" Fendi!
  15. The only one i would even possibly, remotely, consider is the Hogan Pan Am. It reminds me of the basement in That 70's Show, but still. It definitely looks more wearable than the rest of the fugliness shown here :yucky:

    What is Fendi's target market? It looks like they're trying to hit hippies that recently won lotteries or inherited large sums of money (those bags will probably be way overpriced for their fugliness :rolleyes:)