Spring 2008 Fashion Trends (not couture)?

  1. Time to get this thread started. Anyone know what trends we will be seeing for this Spring?

    Personally, I am not interested in what the couture fashion houses are offering. I'm thinking more about the kind of stuff we will be seeing in the mall, or at our favorite online shops.
  2. I've just heard in news that tailored dress are more in.. tights are still their and metallic colors are also in for dresses and accessories... in 2008 skinny jeans are more in for boys..

  3. my bf would not be fashionable anymore in year 2008:wtf:
  4. Art Nouveau, 70's Biba, and boho is back...albeit in a luxurious, glammy context. 90's, 40's, and 20's influences are everywhere. Sheer fabrics...sheer pants! Peeptoe oxfords, openwork/mesh shoes. The body-con trend continues (as usual there are 2 inverse trends working towards/against each other...you'll see both very fitted and very flowy silouhettes SS08). Structured blouses and dresses remain current; meticulous detail is a selling point for many dresses and blouses at the moment (see Rodarte, Burberry, Akris for the sculptural look). Balenciaga took armour-inspired clothing to (controversial) new heights. There's nature-inspired themes once again...the Nina Ricci show featured the models as postmodern wood nymphs and water sprites. There's a lot of graphic trends...linear designs, stripes, bold colorblocking, abstract, ikat/ethnic prints, and I've seen more "conceptual" clothing trends this season (see Martin Margiela, CDG, Balenciaga, etc). It really is a season where there's no specific trend to follow or focus upon...many color choices and textures are continuations of 2007 trends (patent, jewel tones and bold hues, grey, etc) but PINK has also returned from the grave.
    My favorite collections were Thakoon, Proenza Schoeler, Nina Ricci, D&G, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Akris, and Maison Martin Margiela.
  5. wide legged jeans/pants are coming back! blue and white, sailor style clothes are coming back! well i work in club monaco and these things are what we'r getting new lol :smile:
  6. I was reading the Jan 21 issue of US Weekly and they had a page of 2008's Hot Trends.

    Out: Sequin dresses In: Floral dresses
    Out: Peasant blouses In: Sheer blouses
    Out: Puffy coats In: Trench coats
    Out: Pencil skirts In: A-line skirts
    (I was sort of bummed pencil skirts are "out" because I got a really cute one last year and I haven't even had a chance to wear it.)
    Out: Oversize bags In: Small clutches

  7. :yucky::yucky: I just got a LV Neverfull, fu**!!
  8. You didn't mention liking Prada but this definitely sums up their line for spring -- are you in fashion? Sounds like it :smile:

    Color also seems to be very big -- I bought this at J. Crew a week ago and absolutely love it for an early take on spring -- very sixties -- all I need are the day glo orange window pane tights !! I think it's going to be a lot of fun this year !!

  9. It's a classic, don't worry about it. You can carry it and look fashionable. :smile:
  10. I agree!:tup:
  11. That dress is gorgeous! I saw a girl wearing it the other day and it looked fantastic.
  12. this should be illegal.

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  14. ^^^ agreed!
    i dont know.. i just think guys should not wear skinny jeans