Spring 2008 colors

  1. Spoke to someone at Chanel.Colors are listed for Spring 2008. The reissue colors are: dark green
    dark red
    dark navy
    Classic flap colors are: salmon
    light pink
    dark white
  2. ooooooh...purple and beige reissues..that sounds really nice!
    I wonder how the price increase will affect the reissues...
  3. a purple reissue!! i cant wait!!!!
  4. OMG red, navy, AND purple? :nuts: :heart: :sweatdrop:
  5. thanks for posting! good to know...
  6. HMMMM, I wonder if I should wait until spring to get a pink classic flap, especially if it's a new color pink. I was going to get the bubblegum color, since the darker pink is gone. But it will also be more money in the spring:confused1:.
  7. OH EHM GEE.... excitement and nervousness all at once! So excited for these colours - been waiting for it - but so nervous about what it'll do to my bank account!

    Let the aggressive saving begin!
  8. OMG sounds great, thanks for sharing......................

    My Chanel prayers have been answered. :wlae:
  10. WOW...that's all I can get out right now...speechless!!! :nuts:
  11. Thanks czo28 for letting us know;)! do you happen to know if the coming reissues are going to be leather or fabric?Cause I've seen many fabric coming out this fall/winter in these colours with crazy price tags!:confused1:TIA!
  12. The reissues are crackled metallic calfskin. The classic bags are lambskin and caviar.
  13. Thanks so much czo28!:heart:You've just made my day hehe!:happydance:
  14. Purple reissue?!? WHOO HOO! And I definitely want some kinda pink flap. Better start saving now!

  15. thinking the same thing!! :sweatdrop: WOW!! :nuts: