Spring 2008 Ads

  1. Spring 2008 ads...

  2. Thanks for posting archangel. Painted toes! Is that Cyclamen (sp)?
  3. Do you think they could be calling it Rose Indien??? Under the Hermes logo, you see Orange Hermes, Rose Indien...but looks like cyclamen to me too!
  4. I didn't even notice that! You could be right.
  5. That is so cute! Thank you, archangel.
  6. I love the year of the dance ads better :sad:. South Asian looking woman in white and light oclored (horse ridng?) clothes...hmmm.........kind of strikes a jarring note, especially because in those countries no-one ever wears white (or all over light colored clothing) except for a funeral.
  7. uh oh. Hermes faux pas.
  8. The elephants seem somewhat ill at ease? She looks like she fears for her life - of being trampled upon...

  9. It strikes me as a bit of a "colonial" outfit - as opposed to ethnically-inspired.
  10. Beautiful colors and composition. Aesthetically I love it.
  11. I agree, piaffe. I don't think it's a faux pas at all; it follows on perfectly well with this year's India theme. And I love the elephants!
  12. I hope they make lots of things in orange – I am in a mood for orange bags/accessories!
  13. Beautiful colors. I agree about it being colonial.
  14. I agree with Merika. And even before reading that I though that was something wrong with the ad, the proportions or colours or something. It just looks a little off to me. :s
  15. It's the colors in my opinion (and I'm a graphic designer working in the ad business). The color of her clothing shouldn't be white; it's diminutive in the skyblue background becase it fades to white, and you sort of lose her upper half, kwim? While the perspective is right, the color balance is off because her white suit just doesn't really work; half the battle in ads is making sure the eye goes all 'round the ad if you're not doing something simple like a product shot on a white background. It just kind of doesn't seem like they have a real focal point here because her white suit isn't eye-catching and bleeds into the background at her shoulders. Not their best work, IMO.

    The Kelly Caleche ad is one of the best of theirs I've ever seen. See below:


    The colors work WITH each other, not against each other, and your eye is drawn around the entire ad; you notice the foreground, the background, the girl, what she's wearing; the bottle wrapped in the whip, which is subtle but is one of the last things your eye is drawn to; everything. It's more well put together and more well thought out IMO than the elephant ad. Just my .02!