Spring 2007 vs F/W 2007

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Which season do you like the most in 2007?

  1. I like spring bags better

  2. I like fall/winter bags better

  3. I like both equally

  4. Both are horrendeous! The worst seasons at LV ever!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So which season of BAGS do you like better?

    Spring had Olympe, LoVe bags, Pomme d'amour, Dentelle, introduction of Bequia, kangaroo bags and Patchwork of different kinds along with the polka dot bags. And not to forget the montaigne series in Epi and neverfull.

    Definetly a fresh and experimental season.

    F/W seems to be mostly revealed already; mirage/degrade, amarante, continuation of bequia, the wool encrusted shirling, limelight clutch, new bags in damier (among others the neverfull), the moutard and new document holders in monogram. Also we're expecting some new styles in epi!

    Thus far a more classic and commercial approach.
  2. I love both! Olympe and Mirage are two of my all-time favorites.
  3. I agree with EmiliyK I love the Olympe as much as I love the Mirage.
  4. I'm not feeling Fall/Winter but Spring/Summer took alittle while to grow on me too, so right now I'm going to go with S/S being better
  5. I actually like the look of F/W better. Mostly because there are more bags that suit me. And it's more "down to earth" and wearable. And I like the sleek "dark" look.
  6. Neither..maybe random pieces here and there but there isn't anything I LOVE.
  7. As much as I love spring/summer, I think I'm a fall/winter girl at heart! LOL!! I like the Fall/Winter collection much better.
  8. definitely mirage for F/W...the S/S is kind of plain. i dig the dune that came out but not too practical, while the black sleek handles of the mirage is just soooo sexy and versatile
  9. I really adore my Stratus PM and Kirsten so right now I am loving the S/S 07 line, but I am sure the fall will have the same effect on me!
  10. Spring/Summer
  11. Spring summer. The f/w collection to me looks like lvs and fendi inbreed love shild (whic even though i love lv and fendi 2 death it semms mirage got the worst of both parents genes)
  12. I just love LV year round. Always expect the unexpected.
  13. Spring! Pomme, the Montaigne series and the Neverfull swung the vote for me!
  14. definitely Fall/Winter! this year's spring/summer collection was way too frilly, lacy, poofy, colourful...etc I can't believe I"m saying this but it was just too girlie even for me lol... I like the DARK and MYSTERIOUS side of MJ lol
  15. The warm weather designs are nicer looking, IMO but the colder weather ones are more long lasting.