Spring 2007 Show...Where are Pics?

  1. Arg...I've been waiting for today to come forever....I tried style.com and did a search on google and can't find any pics yet of LV spring 2007 show.
    Anyone seen any pics yet? Where I could find some?
    It's 5 PM in Paris isn't it?
    I know I'm impatient...but I'm dying to see the new spring handbags!
  2. im pretty anxious and excited as well. let's give it a couple of hours more. maybe the reviewer at style.com is still typing it up. its probably soooo good he/she had to take a moment to collect his/her thoughts ;)
  3. I can't wait for the Mens bags from S/S 2007!
  4. I want to see spring/summer 2007 ladys fashion show.
  5. be patient ladies and gents :heart:

    i think the pics will be up on style.com by late this afternoon :smile:
  6. I can't wait.............
  7. Wait is that everything from the mens one (in the link glamourette posted)? nothing seemed to great bag wise.

    I'll post them in just a bit in a new thread. :smile:
  9. PS - is there any limit to how many pictures you can post in one post? Do I have to do mulitple posts to show the whole show?
  10. wow. your fast. where the heck did you get the pics from?
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