Spring 2007 - Handmaid by Michelle Frantz

  1. I checked out Handmaid's website to see if her Spring line is out yet... sure enough, it is (at least the pictures are there - no prices, though)! I think this blue & white bag is CUTE!

    Handmaid by Michelle Frantz

    (Greta shown)

    I was head over heels for the black carryall that I purchased from her Fall collection. I'm not *crazy* about the quality of the lining (the cell phone pocket was the same thin fabric as the lining, so the stitching came apart), but I :heart: the style, and I got it at a good price. I recently saw the purple and bronze carryall at Marshall's, so I guess she cleared out her Fall items to make room for some CUTE spring pieces!

    What do you guys think?
  2. Some more pics...


    Tote canvas w/ leather trim

    Loaf canvas w/ leather trim

    Button Flip Flop


    And there's some cute jewelry on her site, too!

    You guys like?
  3. I love her bags! Ever since I bought the super-soft fringe, leather, hobo (featured on the front cover of Instyle) and have been a fan since. I love the blue tote. Thanks for posting about info. on her new line of handbags!
  4. I think they're quite cute!
  5. Any other opinions out there?
  6. I like the blue you posted and I'm intrigued by the green. I wish there was a store that carried her bags so I could test out the leather. While the bags look great, I've heard a few negatives about the quality of the leather not being as soft as one would imagine.
  7. I'm dying for that blue/white one on the home page. :heart:

    I also have the black carry-all from last season...wearing it today!
  8. they're ok.... not a fans though.
  9. I like the first one you posted... the blue and white one.

    I would definitely not pay full price for Handmaid bags though, because there is always a good online sale/code at the end of the season. And like you said, they will end up at Marshall's for $100-150.
  10. I like the blue one but not liking it enough to buy it..