Spring 2007 fakes?

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  1. oh my...
  2. i dont know if they are fakes but i'm definately getting on the waiting list for a monogram dentelle bh
  3. Ugh, that makes me - :cursing:

    and wanna :throwup:

    ..BTW it's UGLY - not my style

    and I see they got away with using the green envelopes and have started using brown one's instead -GREAt, more people to be scammed! :throwup:
  4. :s
  5. Holy smokes!
  6. It's amazing how quick they are...
  7. Someone's missing a piece of their doily.:amuse:
  8. They must have leaks at LV for this to happen.:wtf: :push: :yucky:
  9. damm they are quick on that one! I hate that lining it looks like they skinned a muppet
  10. Sickening... :yucky:
  11. WOW so quick...these will sure fool someone
  12. Yeah...yuck..and ioffer's got the Dentelle wallets already lol.
  13. How annoying!! I hate fakes. Those purses don't even look pretty.
  14. there's a sticky thread specifically for fakes, please only post these threads there.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.